Legal News

Female juniors head towards equality before top court

The ratio of women to men appearing before the Supreme Court has improved hugely in recent years at junior levels, although less so at senior levels, a comprehensive survey has shown.

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Judge upholds $3.7m default costs certificate after delayed reaction

A costs judge has upheld a default costs certificate on a $3.7m bill after the paying party’s solicitors did not show any sense of urgency in dealing with it.

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Budget variation application failed promptness test, master rules

A High Court master has sent out a strong message on the need to seek budget variations promptly after refusing a bid to increase two claimants’ budgets by £1.3m.

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30 March 2021

Judicial review reform: A risk to the courts’ post-Brexit standing

In addition to questions about the motivations for curbing legal challenges to political decisions, the proposed reforms to judicial review raise concerns about undermining the reputation of the English courts

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