Leading set launches remote costs ADR service

Leading costs set 4 New Square has launched a virtual costs ADR service, providing neutral evaluations, binding expert determinations and/or assessments on a fixed-fee basis.

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JUSTICE outlines new approach to resolving housing disputes

A new comprehensive housing disputes service to break with the past and streamline access to dispute resolution, with a heavy reliance on ADR, has been proposed by campaign group JUSTICE.

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Master sets out guidance on early neutral evaluation in QBD

Master Victoria McCloud has issued guidance on how Queen’s Bench masters should handle early neutral evaluation, as there is no equivalent to the section on it in the Chancery Guide.

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Jackson calls for international third-party funding rules

Sir Rupert Jackson has called for international rules on the use of third-party funding in international arbitration, part of what he termed a wider global lex mercatoria.

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Marks and Barrass lead new banking ADR service

A one-time partner at Linklaters and a former executive director of the Solicitors Regulation Authority have been appointed to lead the new Business Banking Resolution Service.

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Arbitration is “way forward” for construction disputes

Arbitration is the best available process for resolving disputes arising from international construction projects and should be augmented but not replaced by technology, research has found.

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boundary fence

Call to prioritise ADR in boundary disputes

Neighbours involved in boundary disputes should be steered towards alternative dispute resolution, and cases that reach court must be closely controlled, the Civil Justice Council has said.

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Solicitors “ignorant about prof neg adjudication”

There is still “quite a lot of ignorance” among solicitors about adjudication as a “swift and relatively inexpensive” way of settling professional negligence disputes, a barrister adjudicator has said.

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