Augusta Ventures launches new claim outcome calculator

AugustaVentures200x200Augusta Ventures, the unique litigation funder targeted at the SME market, has launched a new online calculator which enables lawyers, claimants and introducers to see at a glance the estimated potential outcome of financing their legal fees and disbursements through Augusta.

Users insert the approximate sum of damages, then adjust the scale for the amount of legal fees to run the claim to trial and the amount the claimant can contribute. The calculator then provides an estimate of the returns.

Jeunesse Edwards, Augusta Ventures’ engagement director, said: “Our new claim outcome calculator will enable lawyers and introducers to improve their client relationships and give potential claimants a simple overview as to how litigation finance can work for them.

“At Augusta, we believe that a claim is an asset, and we are prepared to provide finance to realise the value of that asset using the claim as the collateral. In return, provided the claim is successful, we receive our funds back, together with a success fee,” says Jeunesse.

Augusta’s loans are non-recourse so if the claim is not successful, the claimant does not repay the finance. If the claim proceeds but is then unsuccessful, then only 90% of the contribution is insured.

The calculator is available at:

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