CostsMaster Draftsman 5.0 is live!

CostsMasterWe are pleased to announce that CostsMaster Draftsman 5.0.44 is now available to download from our website. This version includes support for the New Format Bill, the Revised Precedent H and Precedent R, tasks, activities and expenses, the ability to import work tagged with tasks and activities and much much more.

There are two versions of the new format bill in version 5, one that sticks closely to the published template plus one alternative version that rearranges the sheets into a more familiar order and adds a few visual touches as well.

The support for Tasks and Activities has meant there are a number of changes to version 5. Whilst you can still record work solely by phase for the purpose of producing costs budgets and phase bills, and indeed do all the things you could do in version 4, version 5 installs alongside version 4 meaning you still have access to the older version should you need to access a file in a hurry before you are fully up to speed. We have also produced a guide to the major changes in version 5 to help you get up to speed with minimal fuss.

CostsMaster Draftsman 5 is a free upgrade for current subscribers.

Download Draftsman 5 now:

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