CRIF launches Decision Hub for the legal sector

Director, Sara Costantini says CRIF hope to build a ‘one stop shop concept’

CRIF Decision Solutions Ltd today launches its Decision Hub, developed to provide the legal sector with swift, simple access to a full suite of data enriched solutions supporting ID verification, Anti Money Laundering checks and insurance claims management.

The Decision Hub technology and innovation integrates real time data, software and analytics optimising risk management and providing solicitors with a comprehensive view of their customers.  The CRIF Decision Hub also gives legal firms access where appropriate to all of CRIF’s existing Insurance Bureau Services and fraud investigation solutions on one secure platform. This unique platform will be the gateway to new CRIF services currently under development to support the legal sector with ID and vehicle services and integrated workflow services to encourage different stakeholders to interact, exchange data and information in a marketplace context.

CRIF has invested in developing this new technology to deliver innovation and business process efficiencies to the market.  Users need only log in once to access multiple services and can switch easily between services to compare the information available.  In addition to the time and cost savings to be gained, re-engineered features focused on flexibility and ease of use deliver a seamless customer experience.  The Decision Hub is built on responsive technology meaning users can access the platform from any location with internet availability and the technology will respond to suit the device being used.

To use the CRIF Decision Hub, legal firms merely need access to the internet; no investment in a technology interface is required.  To register is free and on receipt of their unique user credentials and passwords, users can select the services they wish to activate. Multiple user profiles can be assigned and administration of users and passwords is managed by a simple process.   Existing clients will have the option to migrate to the Decision Hub with support from CRIF to ensure a seamless transition.

Sara Costantini, director at CRIF Decision Solutions Ltd. said:  “The legal sector faces the challenge of ‘Knowing Your Client’ in a time pressured, competitive environment.  Access to reliable information is vital when taking on a new client, to ensure due diligence is demonstrated, reputation is protected and income streams are validated and profitable.

“We wanted to innovate and build a solution which was swift, secure and user friendly to give our legal clients the ability to arm themselves with the right information and rapidly, to support profitable business retention and growth.

“We are excited by the opportunities the Decision Hub represents for our clients and by our plans to expand the suite of services available to the legal sector via this one stop shop concept.”

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