InJur Medical Reporting links up with Legal Compliance Services to help personal injury firms thrive after LASPO

The introduction of LASPO has dealt a savage blow to personal injury firms up and down the country and has brought a great deal of confusion and concern. Firms who instruct medico-legal agencies and still receive commission are now more likely than not acting in breach of LASPO.

However, firms can find ways of commercially benefitting from providing medical agency services whilst still complying with LASPO. Indeed firms can actually increase their earnings from medical agency services if they have the right set up.

InJur provides an in-house medical agency solution which does just that. It complies with LASPO and enables firms to satisfy the requirements of the SRA Handbook. At the same time, it allows them to generate significant extra income from their medical reporting requirements.

InJur has linked up with Legal Compliance Services, a team of former SRA compliance experts, to create a unique service which combines the setting up of the firm’s own in-house agency and a bespoke compliance and risk management review at an affordable price.

Sharon Lister, Managing Director of inJur, said “Many PI firms exist today simply because of the extra income they generate using inJur. Teaming up with Legal Compliance Services means that these firms now have instant access to specialised SRA and LASPO expertise enabling them to operate with confidence.”

Richard Robinson, Managing Director of Legal Compliance Services, said: “Legal Compliance Services assists firms in finding ways of ensuring their business models are compliant with LASPO and the SRA Handbook. We are delighted to link up with inJur to offer a valuable service to firms who have been suffering financially from the recent changes.”

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