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Kain Knight signs deal with Newlands to enable virtual, in-house costs law services

Nicholas Clark Kain Knight [1]

Nicholas Clark, director, Kain Knight

Kain Knight, a leading national costs law firm has signed an exclusive deal to use the LHQ software platform to provide a consistent and virtual integration between costs lawyers and litigators in time to cater for further reform and costs scrutiny.

Konnect™, the new online, ‘plug and play’ platform, is the result of the partnership between Kain Knight and Newlands and is specifically targeted to remove the ever-growing burden of technical costs management from solicitors, leaving them to focus on their primary function: effective, client-focused litigation.

Primarily focused on producing and monitoring budgets to drive costs efficiencies at every level, Konnect™ is designed to accommodate J-Codes and adhere to requirements of the new Bill format currently scheduled for Autumn 2016.

It also removes the potential requirement for litigators to dramatically change their time recording and practice management systems.

Scheduled for formal release this month, through a series of symposiums, the unique combination of Kain Knight’s expertise and LHQ’s cloud-based technology is set to be a significant benchmark in the modernisation of the oft-antiquated costs industry.

Nicholas Clark, a director of Kain Knight, said: “We are delighted to be working together with LHQ to provide an effective solution to an ever-growing problem.

We look forward to further developments aimed at completely embracing all current proposals revolving around the new Bill format, driving further efficiencies whilst embracing the regime itself.

“The unyielding budgeting regime initially left many of our clients irritated but it is now beginning to have a real financial impact which we, as their costs experts, are now able to address in real time. We have gone further to manage and advise on profitability and fixed costs pricing even in the non-contentious arena.

“We look forward to further developments aimed at completely embracing all current proposals revolving around the new Bill format driving further efficiencies whilst embracing the regime itself.”

Jeffrey Coorsh, Newlands MD, added: “Kain Knight’s experience combined with LHQ’s unique solution will provide significant cost control, budgetary confidence and risk mitigation.”

Konnect™ launched on the eve of Kain Knight’s 40th anniversary, will provide its costs lawyers with a versatile and agile platform to interact with the firm’s solicitor clients, further developing Kain Knight’s reputation as a sustainable market leader and LHQ’s reputation as a software innovator.

For further background, please see the attached brochure [2] (page 2)