Relief from sanctions – What have the courts been doing since Mitchell?

The Court of Appeal laid down the interpretation of the CPR in respect of relief from sanctions and stated that the idea was to eliminate satellite litigation. But these cases still come before the courts and the interpretations vary from circumstance to circumstance.

MBL’s 1 hour webinar will review the approaches that the courts have taken over the last 6 months to consider what will happen in different circumstances. It will provide the information necessary to identify the issues that are relevant to the courts decision on relief; what arguments needed to be addressed to obtain relief in different circumstances and how to oppose applications for relief.

Without the information there is a serious danger of a client making a complaint or alleging negligence for disadvantaging their case.

This pre-recorded webinar will be streamed at 12.30pm on Wednesday 4 June and will be presented by Gary Barker. For more information on webinar costs or to make a booking please click the above link or email quoting Litigation Futures.

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