John M Hayes launches e-magazine in conjunction with new seminars on litigating with costs in mind

McClure: “Our new series of seminars will offer fee earners a pragmatic insight to the world of costs recovery”

By Christopher McClure of Litigation Futures Associate The John M Hayes Partnership Ltd

Issue 1 of COSTS will be available from 30th August 2018.

COSTS was conceived with the intention of supporting litigators by consolidating significant developments in the law on both inter partes and publicly funded costs into a single, complimentary and readily accessible e-Magazine. Every three months COSTS will provide you, the fee earner, with a comprehensive report of key judicial determinations, legislative changes and proposed reforms – all with a view to analysing their impact upon your legal practice. It is, so to speak, your definitive costs supplement.

Written and published exclusively by The John M Hayes Partnership, COSTS will both compliment and work in tandem with a new series of seminars entitled ‘Litigating in the Shadow of the Jackson Reforms’.

The year 2013 witnessed an unprecedented number of changes to the rules governing the recovery of legal costs. But whilst the primary intention underpinning the Jackson reforms was undoubtedly to save costs, the multitude of uncertainties arising from ambiguities within the rules have, paradoxically, served to engender an almost exponential increase in costs-related satellite litigation. And as ever, it is the solicitor, the client or both who bear the cost of ambiguous legal reform.

More so now than ever practitioners cannot afford to be ignorant of the rules of recovery – the consequences are simply too costly: failure to budget properly could see your client’s recovery slashed on assessment; settling an ex-Protocol matter prior to allocation could mean a significant reduction in costs otherwise properly recoverable; and knowing (or not knowing) when and how to make an application for a payment on account of costs could do wonders (or not) for your cash flow.

And this is where we step in.

Our new series of seminars will offer fee earners a pragmatic insight to the world of costs recovery by conducting a comprehensive review of the 2013 reforms and the evolving raft of case law dealing with the conflicts and uncertainties arising therefrom. We strongly believe that fee earners who possess a sound working knowledge of the rules of recovery will maximise recovery as they litigate with costs in mind.

Our seminars will cover recent decisions in relation to fixed recoverable costs, the various Protocols, Part 36 Offers, the assignment of CFAs and ATE “top-up” premiums, costs budgeting, proportionality, the scope of QOCS, electronic billing and the costs assessment process.

At a time when the legal landscape continues to undergo seismic changes it is imperative that you have full confidence in those instructed to recover your legal costs. Established in 1985, The John M Hayes Partnership has grown into one of the largest firms of law costs draftsmen and costs lawyers in the UK. We now operate nine offices throughout England and Wales and, in spite of the Jackson reforms, continue to thrive due to our reputation for excellence and commitment to maximising recovery of our clients’ legal costs.

Our seminars are provided free of charge and are being held at venues in Birmingham, London, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds and Newcastle.

To book your place on our seminar and for more information regarding venues and times, please click here or telephone 0121 643 0001.

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