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Third Party Litigation Funding Continues to Grow


Emily Thomas, Senior In House Solicitor, Acasta Europe Limited

With court fees rising and litigation becoming increasingly expensive, third party litigation funding continues to grow. There are various reasons clients may want to consider litigation funding, such as the need for a cash injection to enable them to get their case off the ground or the desire to take the litigation risk off their balance sheet and avoid having funds tied up in lengthy legal battles. Litigation funding can also be a useful tool for solicitors as it can provide payment of their fees where a client does not have the funds to continue with the litigation.

Where once third party litigation funding was banned under English Law, it is now a growing and constantly evolving industry with more and more options for clients to consider.

Unfortunately obtaining litigation funding can still be a complex and lengthy process but at Acasta Europe Limited [1]the process has been designed to be as straightforward as possible. Whilst many clients also require After the Event insurance in conjunction with litigation funding, if this has been obtained elsewhere we can still assist with the funding element of the claim and are happy to look at providing assistance at all stages of the litigation process.

Acasta is able to offer funding for a variety of commercial disputes in conjunction with Sparkle Capital. Our in house legal team is actively involved in assessing and considering the merits of any funding proposal. We also offer a funding facility that has been specially designed to provide assistance for lower value claims as we understand that such claims cannot often be pursued due to lack of finance.

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