18 May 2020

Long arms or hands off? The English courts in arbitration proceedings

We look at two cases where the courts have had to strike the right balance between supporting arbitrations whilst also recognising their independence and jurisdictional limitations.

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29 April 2020

Remote mediation: Is it the future?

More than a month on from lockdown, lawyers are firm converts to the idea of remote mediation – having overcome their initial fears – with many saying it could be the future.

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22 April 2020

Why climate change litigation is heating up across Europe

Will 2020 see major growth in climate justice litigation? The decisions handed down in 2019 and the news during the first quarter of 2020 suggest it will.

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14 April 2020

Lessons from a groundbreaking Skype hearing

As the success of remote hearings sparks discussion – with many lawyers advocating for further adoption of these options post-coronavirus – retaining an even-handed view is key.

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8 April 2020

Arkin: A cap that no longer fits all

Facilitating high-value, speculative claims can now carry serious costs consequences. Funders must ensure that the merits of a claim are carefully analysed, and kept under close review.

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