30 March 2021

Judicial review reform: A risk to the courts’ post-Brexit standing

In addition to questions about the motivations for curbing legal challenges to political decisions, the proposed reforms to judicial review raise concerns about undermining the reputation of the English courts

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24 March 2021

Lawyers falling out: who can sue for what?

Where a case goes pear-shaped due to Lawyer A’s negligence, why can’t Lawyer B sue A to recover damages for B’s financial losses consequent upon that negligence, such as the lost opportunity to derive fees?

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8 March 2021

Identifying the funder: Contrasting approaches in litigation and arbitration

The increasing effort by some to ‘unmask’ third-party funders give rise to some concern that a more unscrupulous party will use the transparency to exert pressure and stop the tap.

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24 February 2021

Covid-19 claims: The elephant in the room?

The idea of suing the NHS for compensation of a wrongdoing/malpractice may not seem the right or popular option right now. Everyone in our sector is wondering how this will pan out.

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17 February 2021

Covid-19 and credit hire: ‘Need’ or greed?

Whilst most working in credit hire have tried to maintain a co-operative approach during the pandemic, it has starkly amplified some of the behaviours that embody the worst excesses of the industry.

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