18 October 2018
Claire Stockford

An analogue decision? Google defeats attempt at consumer ‘class action’

In an eagerly awaited judgment, the High Court handed down its ruling in Richard Lloyd v Google LLC on 8 October. It seems clear that there is a degree of reluctance to permit group litigation which will not materially benefit consumers. That being said, it is hard to ignore the increased possibilities of group litigation in the context of corporate data breaches, particularly following the implementation of GDPR earlier this year.

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5 October 2018
Stephen Innes

Are the days of the Arkin cap numbered?

The Arkin cap has come to be seen as increasingly unfashionable, and a forthcoming hearing may provide some indication of the prospects of it being consigned to the back of the wardrobe of history. As a reminder, where a claim backed by litigation funding fails, the funder may be susceptible to a non-party costs order in favour of the successful party.

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1 October 2018
David Pipkin 2

Recoverability: As relevant now as it’s always been

Part of our response to the Ministry of Justice review of part 2 of LASPO focuses on the need to preserve the partial recovery of after-the-event insurance premiums for clinical negligence claims. It seeks to counter the view from certain quarters that perceives this insurance as somehow being less relevant now. As claimant lawyers and their clients well know, the reality is that it definitely is not the case.

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27 September 2018
James Barclay

Delivering on the promise

As the winds of change continue to blow across the personal injury legal market generating uncertainty and challenge, choosing the right legal expense insurance provider can provide some welcome stability and security for law firms, insurers and their customers. But how do you select the right insurer? Yes, price is always going to be a consideration, but I’d argue it definitely shouldn’t be the driving factor.

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14 September 2018
Andrew Clark Fletchers

The impact of technology on PI law

New technology is rapidly changing the world around us, permanently revolutionising our everyday lives. It is also changing the legal landscape, with law practitioners required to keep abreast of every new development to best help their clients. From helmet and dash cameras to improved CCTV, this is particularly evident in personal injury law.

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