4 February 2019

Why the litigation funding market is infantile

Posted by Tets Ishikawa, director at Litigation Futures Associate Acasta Europe, and senior adviser to Sparkle Capital It’s exhausting trying to stay on top of the latest launch or capital injection in the litigation funding market. In the listed world,… Read More

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30 January 2019

Where does the Martin Lewis case leave media law?

Last week’s settlement of Martin Lewis’s high-profile defamation claim against Facebook presents a noteworthy challenge about the application of media law to publishers of online advertising.

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16 January 2019
Mike Knight ARAG

How SCIL aims to make the clinical negligence system fair

The Society of Clinical Injury Lawyers has looked carefully at the government’s proposals with regard to fixed costs in cases valued up to £25,000 and now made proposals of its own.

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21 December 2018

Change and data

‘Change’ and ‘data’. Two relatively small words but ones that have taken on more depth and meaning over the last decade, especially when considered in the context of the legal sector.

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26 November 2018

A long and winding road for trucks cartel litigation

Trucks manufacturers that have already paid huge fines for their role in fixing prices in European trucks markets are now facing substantial claims from those who overpaid for their vehicles – the first of many.

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