4 November 2020

The rock and the stream – who wins in the disclosure pilot?

The disclosure pilot scheme has been extended until 31 December 2021. Meanwhile, we eagerly await the decision of the Civil Procedure Rule Committee on the proposed amendments to the pilot.

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29 October 2020

Disbursement funding interest recoverability – as clear as mud?

An article I wrote in June 2019 entitled ‘Is disbursement funding interest recoverable?’ attracted, forgive the pun, a lot of interest – but the subject itself has remained a very grey area.

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21 October 2020

Group claims: Post-pandemic predictions

Group litigation has undeniably been a growth area in England over the last five years – a trend which is likely to increase rather than decrease as a result of the pandemic.

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15 October 2020

Which law governs your arbitration agreement?

The Supreme Court last week handed down its highly anticipated judgment in Enka, affirming the Court of Appeal’s ruling that English law governed an arbitration agreement between non-English parties.

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8 October 2020

Evolution not revolution – the post-Covid LCIA rules

The London Court of International Arbitration was about to publish its new arbitration rules when the Covid-19 virus struck. They have been revised since and the LCIA has used the extra time well.

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