Law Society “could negotiate fees of solicitors for LEI work”

The Law Society could maintain a list of solicitors willing and able to act for legal expenses insurers and even negotiate fee levels, the International Bar Association has suggested.

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Consumer ignorance “the main challenge for BTE”

Expansion of the market for standalone before-the-event legal expenses insurance is being held back by “lack of understanding” among consumers as to what it covers, a report has concluded.

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Turnover continues to rise at ARAG despite ATE blockage

Leading legal expenses insurer ARAG has reported double-digit growth in its BTE business and a ninth year in profit, despite what it said were the “challenging market conditions” for ATE.

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Legal expenses insurer’s founders to repay £2.4m sale price

The founders of legal expenses insurer Motorplus have been ordered by the High Court to repay the entire sale price of the company of almost £2.4m for breaching warranties.

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Jason Tripp

BTE insurer warns of “serious and detrimental effect” of personal injury reforms

A before-the-event legal expenses insurer has warned of the “unintended and very serious detrimental effect” of the government’s personal injury reforms on the market. He said the planned increase in the small claims limit for RTA cases would “cast doubt” on the ability of the BTE industry to provide legal representation.

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Financial ombudsman shift allows BTE policyholders to change to own solicitor earlier

Clients with before-the-event legal expenses insurance can now change from panel solicitors to one of their choice earlier than was previously the case following a subtle but significant shift made by the Financial Ombudsman Service. The point at which policyholders can exercise their choice of solicitor has been the subject of argument for years.

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CJC launches BTE working group as top insurer warns that premiums may rise

The role which before-the-event legal expenses insurance might play in improving access to justice is to be examined by a working group set up by the Civil Justice Council. BTE is to become more prominent in the wake of the government’s personal injury reforms, with one leading insurer predicting an increase in both demand and premiums as a result.

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Andrew Burke DAS

DAS reports loss as ATE business shrinks

Leading legal expenses insurer DAS dipped into the red last year, while its after-the-event insurance business shrank. The Bristol-based company reported that a loss after tax of £5.7m for 2015, compared to a restated profit of £0.5m in 2014.

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