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Court backs recoverability of agency fees in PI claims

16 April 2019

Ruling in Beardmore v Lancashire CC in Liverpool County Court, Judge Graham Wood QC rejected the Defendant’s attack on the recoverability of agency fees charged for obtaining medical records in employers’ and public liability cases that have exited the portal process and fall under CPR 45.29I.

Birth injuries, paternal depression and secondary victim claims

11 April 2019

When we talk about post-natal depression, we often think of mothers. This is a fair assumption as apparently 1 in 5 women develop mental health problems during pregnancy or in the first year after childbirth. However, we know that dads can suffer from post-natal depression too.

Proclaim software earns long-term loyalty from QualitySolicitors Lockings

10 April 2019

In 2005, after reviewing internal IT processes, Lockings made the decision to implement the Proclaim Practice Management Software Solution, and over a decade later, the firm remains a satisfied Eclipse client.

How After-The-Event insurance helps victims of clinical negligence

9 April 2019

In general individuals buy insurance for peace of mind, hoping that they will not need to make a claim and After-The-Event (ATE) is no different. ATE insurance can be arranged to protect claimants and their families’ against the risk of being unable to recover costs if the court awards less than a sum offered to settle, or if their case is unsuccessful.

The age of digital marketing – part two

9 April 2019

In part one; we looked at the web, content writing, imagery and user experience. In the sequel, we’ve tackled how you can increase brand awareness through social media, SEO and paid-digital.

Leading UK litigation funder Invicta Capital closes its latest round of funding with institutional and private investors

4 April 2019

Invicta Capital has successfully completed its latest round of funding, providing significant growth capital for the business as it enters its next stage of expansion.

The age of digital marketing – part one

3 April 2019

Traditional marketing – flyers, TV and radio advertising, etc. – has its place. And, alongside email, it’s been a popular way to grow and maintain market share. But, given the extent of growth in the digital space, as well as added focus on the protection of customer data, this is moving on.

ATE Partnerships – Clarke Willmott

27 March 2019

In our new video, Chris Thorne, Partner & Head of Personal Injury & Medical Negligence at Clarke Willmott and Paul Morgan, ATE Account Manager at ARAG, talk about the partnership between the two firms and why is has been such a successful one.

LEAP celebrates 2000 UK law firms

20 March 2019

The appetite that law firms in the UK have to embrace the cloud and leverage technology to improve their firms is best demonstrated by the fact that more than 2000 law firms in the UK and Ireland have now made the switch to LEAP. First launched in January 2015, this is the fastest uptake of new technology in UK legal software history.

The Big Gig Rejig

20 March 2019

The ‘gig economy’ is never far from the news. Here DAS Law Solicitor John Griffiths explains where the term comes from, what it means, and how businesses can help themselves today when it comes to clearly defining the status of their people…

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