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LEAP scoops ‘Service Provider to the Legal Profession’ award at Irish Law Awards 2019

24 June 2019

LEAP, the leading provider of legal practice management software, is proud to have won the award for ‘Service Provider to the Legal Profession’ at the Irish Law Awards held recently in Dublin.

New LEAP App is changing how lawyers manage probate

29 May 2019

Probate work is highly administrative and due to its delicate nature must be carried out with great care and attention.  This often causes conflict with the need to work efficiently.

Cartmell Shepherd replaces incumbent systems with Proclaim Practice Management solution to enhance efficiencies firm-wide

22 May 2019

Eclipse Legal Systems, the Law Society Endorsed legal software provider, has announced it is implementing its Proclaim Practice Management solution at award winning law firm Cartmell Shepherd.

Scope of ‘injury to feelings’ expanded

8 May 2019

In employment law, awards for ‘injury to feelings’ have historically been permitted only in claims linked to discrimination, whistleblowing, and trade union membership.

When can company directors be personally liable?

1 May 2019

The recent High Court case of Antzuzis & Others v DJ Houghton Catching Services & Others [2019] EWHC 843 (QB) is a stark reminder of how company directors can be personally liable for their acts. DAS Law Solicitor Andrew Oberholzer explains…

By Lawyers launches legal guides and precedents in the UK

24 April 2019

By Lawyers, the global publisher of legal guides, commentaries, forms and precedents announced their arrival in the United Kingdom this month via their strategic partnership with LEAP, the leading legal practice management software provider.

Court backs recoverability of agency fees in PI claims

16 April 2019

Ruling in Beardmore v Lancashire CC in Liverpool County Court, Judge Graham Wood QC rejected the Defendant’s attack on the recoverability of agency fees charged for obtaining medical records in employers’ and public liability cases that have exited the portal process and fall under CPR 45.29I.

Birth injuries, paternal depression and secondary victim claims

11 April 2019

When we talk about post-natal depression, we often think of mothers. This is a fair assumption as apparently 1 in 5 women develop mental health problems during pregnancy or in the first year after childbirth. However, we know that dads can suffer from post-natal depression too.

Proclaim software earns long-term loyalty from QualitySolicitors Lockings

10 April 2019

In 2005, after reviewing internal IT processes, Lockings made the decision to implement the Proclaim Practice Management Software Solution, and over a decade later, the firm remains a satisfied Eclipse client.

How After-The-Event insurance helps victims of clinical negligence

9 April 2019

In general individuals buy insurance for peace of mind, hoping that they will not need to make a claim and After-The-Event (ATE) is no different. ATE insurance can be arranged to protect claimants and their families’ against the risk of being unable to recover costs if the court awards less than a sum offered to settle, or if their case is unsuccessful.

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