From ATE to the Civil Liability Act

16 August 2019

Allianz Legal Protection’s latest roundtable in London discussed topics ranging from after-the-event insurance to the Civil Liability Act 2018, with both deriving many thought-provoking points.

GDPR and marketing – one year on

29 July 2019

Working in the fast-paced, demanding legal sector can often mean buzzwords and jargon are commonplace, especially when it comes to legal expenses insurance.

Seeking Norwich Pharmacal relief for use overseas

2 July 2019

The English civil courts have remarkable powers to order third parties mixed up in wrongdoing to reveal information to assist the victim in seeking redress, even overriding any duties of confidentiality.

Forming a professional partnership

20 June 2019

Partnerships need to think beyond ATE and look at what the joint needs are. The key to longer-term success is active dialogue to help anticipate future needs and avoid any unnecessary surprises

Serious harm in defamation – a helpful ruling from the Supreme Court

14 June 2019

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court handed down its long-awaited judgment in Bruno Lachaux v Independent Print Limited and Evening Standard Limited, dismissing the newspapers’ appeals.

Raising the low bar

6 June 2019

With far more now at stake under the section IIIA regime than there ever was under section II, claims for costs exceeding fixed recoverable costs are now starting to reach the higher courts.

Wasting the Court of Appeal: the abolition of permission hearings

29 May 2019

The erosion of rights tends to occur incrementally, none more so than important rights. On 3 October 2016, the rule committee abolished the right to a permission-to-appeal hearing in the Court of Appeal.

Transparency is king

15 May 2019

The life of a claimant personal injury lawyer seems to be as miserable as that of our prime minister; everywhere they turn there’s someone ready to make life ever more difficult.

How out of touch are English judges?

7 May 2019

The Supreme Court in its recent ruling in Stocker v Stocker found the High Court and Court of Appeal failed to understand how ordinary people communicate on social media.

Fixed costs in clin neg: The prog rock of consultations

25 April 2019

Such a complex multi-industry issue as fixed recoverable costs in clinical negligence – weighing up the high costs of litigation against the NHS, versus vital access to justice – is not an easy one to move forward.

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