Complex regional pain syndrome and personal injury claims

16 January 2020

Complex regional pain syndrome is a poorly understood chronic pain condition (lasting more than six months) in which a person experiences persistent severe and debilitating pain.

Service by email – should the CPR be changed?

25 November 2019

In 1971, a Ray Tomlinson, computer engineer, sent the very first email. This was a test message to himself, which he sent to a computer that was placed right next to the one he had used to send it.

Sorry seems to be the hardest (and most expensive) word

13 November 2019

Until the culture changes at the frontline of the NHS through learning and patient safety recommendations, I find it difficult to see how the concomitant claims handling will change.

BTE: key considerations in the supply chain

30 October 2019

Corporate governance is a core responsibility of businesses, particularly those subject to complex law and regulation such as the legal and insurance sectors.

Electronic cigarettes: Smoking out a wave of litigation?

24 October 2019

Electronic cigarettes have hit the headlines throughout the world these last few weeks and accusations relating to their potential health hazards are growing. But what will be the legal consequences?

Lomax and the irresistible rise of ADR

17 October 2019

A recent decision in the Court of Appeal concerning ADR is striking for a number of reasons, not least of which is the perceived restriction of the citizen’s right to exercise his or her right to a fair trial.

Artificial and actual intelligence: Using tech in litigation

8 October 2019

If some headlines in the legal and insurance press are to be believed, it may seem that disclosure will be digitised, insurers are over-rated, and the role of actuaries could be archived.

Is the fear of clinical negligence litigation overblown?

2 October 2019

For every story that a growing compensation culture is bleeding the NHS dry, there is another suggesting that healthcare professionals have acted with callous indifference to their patients.

Fixed recoverable costs – has the momentum stalled?

20 September 2019

What looked like inevitable progress towards the extension of fixed recoverable costs appears to have been halted because of Brexit. So why has the Law Society reissued its policy position on them?

The rising tide of claims against PI lawyers

17 September 2019

A barrister wrote recently about the growing perception amongst indemnity insurers and professional clients that the under-settlement of injury claims is on the rise. We have seen this trend too.

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