Security for costs sanction for party that ignored CMC deadline

21 June 2019

The High Court has ordered a party that missed the deadline to fix the date of a case management conference by more than four years to pay security for costs as a sanction.

Costs were not made to measure in tailoring dispute, says judge

19 June 2019

The High Court has condemned the costs of a straightforward breach of confidence case as “completely out of proportion”. The focus had wrongly been put on had been invested, rather than lost

No rule to stop costs being awarded against children, says judge

18 June 2019

There is no general rule preventing costs being awarded against children, a High Court judge has said. Mr Justice Morgan said the case law on the issue did not present a “clear or coherent picture” on the issue.

Court refuses to increase budget for costs party brought on himself

12 June 2019

The High Court has rejected a defendant’s request to revise his costs budget upwards, saying that the extra costs came from matters he either should have anticipated or brought on himself.

Introduce QOCS for employment discrimination claims, say MPs

11 June 2019

There should be a presumption that tribunals will order employers to pay employees’ costs if they lose a discrimination case in which sexual harassment has been alleged, MPs said today.

First High Court guidance on proportionality leads to huge costs cut

10 June 2019

The first High Court judge to give guidance on applying the proportionality test has overturned a costs master’s ruling and slashed the costs he allowed by more than two-thirds.

Claimant and defendant lawyers accuse each other of cost-building

7 June 2019

Claimant and defendant lawyers have accused each other of behaviour which inflates costs, in their responses to the government consultation on extending fixed recoverable costs.

Judge refuses uplift after successful part 36 offer on hourly rates

28 May 2019

A judge has refused to award claimants an uplift on their costs after beating a part 36 offer restricted just to the hourly rates in dispute.

CA slashes party’s costs for successful appeal against costs order

24 May 2019

The Court of Appeal has awarded successful appellants just 18% of their costs in overturning an earlier costs order.“ They sought £71,000 costs of a hearing against a costs order for £23,000.

Jackson calls for overhaul of system for clinical negligence claims

17 May 2019

Clinical negligence claims could be handled by a tribunal under a new test for liability of whether the patient has suffered ‘reasonably avoidable injury’, Sir Rupert Jackson has proposed.

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