Parties can contract out of fixed costs regime

24 February 2020

Parties can agree to contract out of fixed costs, a regional costs judge has ruled. He said it was clear that a recent ruling of the Court of Appeal allowed parties to do this.

Senior judges mull guideline hourly rate review

21 February 2020

A group of senior judges at the helm of the civil courts are considering a review of the guideline hourly rates “as a matter of urgency”, it has emerged.

Court rejects judicial review over failure to extend QOCS

20 February 2020

The High Court has rejected a challenge to the Ministry of Justice’s failure to extend qualified one-way costs shifting to discrimination claims in the county court.

Points of dispute “must be precise and focused”

20 February 2020

Points of dispute in detailed assessments must help the parties and court “determine precisely what is in dispute and why”, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

QOCS rule to change but not in relation to Tomlin orders

18 February 2020

An urgently needed amendment to the rules on qualified one-way costs shifting in so-called mixed claims will come into force in the coming weeks, the Civil Procedure Rule Committee has decided.

Unfit expert hit with £89k third-party costs order

14 February 2020

A circuit judge has made a “highly unusual” and large third-party costs order against a claimant’s medical expert witness, whose “improper, unreasonable, or negligent conduct” doomed the case.

Court should have punished “speculative” claim with indemnity costs

12 February 2020

The High Court was wrong not to punish with indemnity costs a couple who pursued speculative claims that reached the “absurd” situation where they racked up costs simply to recover costs.

ALF membership “not enough” to guarantee funder will pay

11 February 2020

Membership of the Association of Litigation Funders is not enough reassurance that a funder will pay up in the face of a large liability for costs, the High Court has ruled.

Keoghs gears up to build AI-backed ‘virtual assistant’

10 February 2020

An artificial intelligence-backed “virtual assistant” to augment the work of lawyers in large loss cases is being developed by defendant law firm Keoghs as part of a suite of new tools.

Firm that overlooked budget granted relief from sanctions

7 February 2020

A party that failed to file and serve its costs budget in time because it was not included in a list of agreed pre-case and costs management conference steps has been granted relief from sanctions.

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