Litigation friend pays price for fundamental dishonesty

15 January 2020

A circuit judge has ordered a litigation friend to pay costs after finding that she was responsible for the fundamental dishonesty behind linked claims.

Part 36 uplift is “all or nothing”, rule committee confirms

9 January 2020

The 10% uplift on costs for beating a part 36 offer is ‘all or nothing’ and judges cannot award less, the Civil Procedure Rule Committee has confirmed.

CAT gives truck buyers green light to pursue costs

8 January 2020

The claimants in the truck cartel litigation have received the green light to move forward without delay to an assessment of the costs of a preliminary hearing given the two sides’ contrasting financial resources.

Part 36 offers cannot exclude interest to be valid

19 December 2019

Part 36 offers which specifically exclude interest are not valid, the Court of Appeal has ruled – but one of the judges said this should be reconsidered.

CA upholds oral agreement to pay solicitor’s fees

16 December 2019

A solicitor who had an oral agreement with the son-in-law of a client that he would cover the legal fees did not fall foul of the 1677 Statute of Frauds, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

High Court limits scope of provisional assessment appeals

16 December 2019

A party’s right to appeal from an oral hearing that follows a provisional assessment is limited to decisions made at the hearing, the High Court has ruled.

Call for pre-assessment protocol for costs

12 December 2019

A pre-assessment protocol for costs – which would require the receiving party to serve a costs summary – could help reduce the costs of the process, a new report has suggested.

Costs lawyers call for review of guideline hourly rates

11 December 2019

Costs lawyers say there is an urgent need to review the guideline hourly rates, a survey has found. The poll also showed continuing signs of improvement in solicitors sticking to their budgets.

Supreme Court to review equitable lien ruling

5 December 2019

The Supreme Court is to review a controversial ruling that a law firm handling uncontested flight delay claims was not conducting litigation and so did not have an equitable lien over the compensation.

Judge orders wife and mother-in-law to pay £12m costs bill

3 December 2019

The High Court has ordered the wife and mother-in-law of a Kazakh businessman, the subject of a “very substantial fraud claim”, to pay the claimants’ costs bill of over £12m.

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