Court proceedings pack change “renders portal offer void”

19 August 2019

A circuit judge has ruled that a failure in a portal case to include the same damages figure in the stage 3 court proceedings pack as in the stage 2 settlement pack form renders the offer void.

DWF automates costs work for fast-track PI claims

15 August 2019

Listed law firm DWF has launched a new tool for fast-track personal injury claims, which it says is capable of calculating costs in tens of thousands of cases every year.

Lawyers avoid non-party costs order over client’s fees claim

12 August 2019

Solicitors who acted for a client claiming as damages the fees which the client owed them for work done for him in earlier proceedings should not be ordered to pay costs if it fails, the High Court has ruled.

High Court to consider scope of provisional assessment appeal

6 August 2019

The High Court is set to rule on whether a party’s right to appeal from an oral hearing that follows a provisional assessment is limited to decisions made at the hearing.

Another judge wrongly views ‘without prejudice’ offer

5 August 2019

The First-tier Tribunal wrongly took into account a ‘without prejudice’ offer when deciding on the costs of a case when there was no reason to believe that it was ‘save as to costs’, the Upper Tribunal has ruled.

MPs call for QOCS to cover discrimination cases

30 July 2019

Qualified one-way costs shifting should be extended to cover discrimination cases in the county court, MPs on the House of Commons women and equalities committee have recommended.

CA threatens costs penalty for non-compliant authority bundles

22 July 2019

The Court of Appeal has warned parties that they can expect to be denied recovery of the costs of preparing non-compliant bundles of authorities.

CA ruling on ATE and proportionality “a victory for access to justice”

18 July 2019

Yesterday’s Court of Appeal decision was “a triumph for access to justice”, according to the insurer whose policy was under scrutiny. But the guidance on the proportionality test has been called “astonishing”.

Guidance on proportionality at last as judges curtail ATE disputes

17 July 2019

The Court of Appeal has issued long-awaited guidance on how judges should apply the proportionality test, while also looking to curtail disputes over the reasonableness of block-rated ATE premiums.

Claimant costs fall as NHS targets greater use of mediation

12 July 2019

The LASPO reforms are continuing to reduce the level of legal costs being paid out in clinical negligence claims against the NHS, with a 5% drop over the past year, new figures have shown.

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