Jackson reforms

Recovery of success fees in defamation cases to end

30 November 2018

The government is to abolish the recoverability of success fees in defamation cases – but retain it for after-the-event insurance premiums, it announced yesterday.

Deal with proportionality at start of assessment, says costs judge

26 November 2018

Proportionality should be addressed at the beginning of an assessment, and not the end, because it should inform the reasonableness of the costs, a costs judge has suggested.

Partial relief from sanction for claimant who submitted partial budget

17 October 2018

A claimant who submitted a budget that did not include figures for trial preparation or trial has won relief from a decision that limited the entire budget to court fees only – but only for those parts of the budget that were completed.

Top costs QC: Unacceptable that proportionality test is still not clear

9 October 2018

It is “unacceptable” that there is still no guidance on the proportionality test more than five years after it came into force, a leading costs silk has argued. Nick Bacon QC was speaking following the latest application of the test, which saw a circuit judge reduce assessed costs of £116,000 to £75,000.

QOCS applied to whole case after defendant’s unsuccessful PI counterclaim

18 September 2018

An unsuccessful defendant in a road traffic claim for financial losses who made an unsuccessful counterclaim for personal injury was entitled to the protection of qualified one-way costs shifting for the whole case, a circuit judge has ruled.

“Little enthusiasm” among solicitors and judges for electronic bill

3 September 2018

Many solicitors and judges were not ready for the electronic bill of costs when it became compulsory in April and few are keen on it now, according to a survey by the Association of Costs Lawyers. There are, however, small signs that solicitors are getting better at budgeting.

Circuit judge was wrong to apply QOCS to ‘mixed’ claim automatically, High Court rules

1 August 2018

A circuit judge was wrong to order that qualified one-way costs shifting automatically applied to a claim about misuse of data because it also included a personal injury element, the High Court has ruled. Mrs Justice Whipple said the court has complete discretion as to what action to take.

Call for Tomlin order review after major QOCS ruling

18 July 2018

The rules on qualified one-way costs shifting do not prevent a successful defendant in a multi-defendant claim recovering costs from the damages awarded against a different defendant, the Court of Appeal has ruled. However, it held that this right could not be enforced where the damages were payable under a Tomlin order.

Senior Costs Judge flags concern over PI solicitors’ standard 100% success fee

6 July 2018

The Senior Costs Judge has called on the Law Society to remind personal injury solicitors of their obligation to undertake individual risk assessments in low-value cases and not just apply a blanket 100% success fee. He also called for a broad extension of qualified one-way costs shifting.

DBAs and referral fees in spotlight as Ministry of Justice begins LASPO review

28 June 2018

The reforms contained in part 2 of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 are generally working well, the Ministry of Justice said today in a preliminary assessment that marks the start of the post-implementation review of the provisions.

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