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Claimants lose out after entering wrong figures in MoJ portal

28 July 2020

The doctrine of unilateral mistake cannot be used to set aside settlements in portal cases where the claimant solicitors erroneously included lower figures, two county court judges have ruled.

Insurers urged to “drive wedge” between PI solicitors and clients

10 July 2020

Insurers should look to “drive a wedge between claimant and solicitor” when dealing with late notified claims, which have spiked during lockdown, a counter-fraud specialist has argued.

Both sides support MedCo assessments staying online

6 July 2020

Covid-19 has released the ’virtual claims management’ genie from the bottle and there will be no going back, a leading claimant firm has argued.

Rule committee urged to review disbursements in fixed-cost cases

21 May 2020

The Supreme Court has called on the Civil Procedure Rules Committee to review the issue of whether disbursements should be payable separately in fixed-cost personal injury cases.

MedCo reverses position on medicals by video

23 March 2020

MedCo has today reversed its decision not to allow remote medical examinations after pressure from its users and in light of government advice.

Claimant who exited portal by error avoids fixed costs

27 February 2020

A costs judge was entitled to find that a case that erroneously exited the portal would have done so legitimately at some stage and so the claimant was entitled to regular, rather than fixed, costs.

Parties can contract out of fixed costs regime

24 February 2020

Parties can agree to contract out of fixed costs, a regional costs judge has ruled. He said it was clear that a recent ruling of the Court of Appeal allowed parties to do this.

Keoghs gears up to build AI-backed ‘virtual assistant’

10 February 2020

An artificial intelligence-backed “virtual assistant” to augment the work of lawyers in large loss cases is being developed by defendant law firm Keoghs as part of a suite of new tools.

Credit hire claim dismissed over spoof Google ad

6 February 2020

A personal injury claimant has had his credit hire claim dismissed because he was the victim of a spoof Google advert that misled him into believing that he had called his insurer after the accident.

MedCo eyes charging all users as it faces £2m loss

4 February 2020

The continuing decline in number of medical reporting organisations signed up to MedCo is set to blow a £2m hole in its finances and could lead to all users being charged, it has emerged.

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