Listed funder raises £100m to boost investments

10 March 2020

Listed third-party funder Litigation Capital Management has raised £107m for a new fund, which it said would “significantly” increase its ability to invest. Nine cases are already lined up.

Law firm “under no duty” to disclose counsel’s advice to funder

5 March 2020

The High Court has struck out claims brought against a City law firm that a litigation funder said did not pass on the “pessimistic views” expressed by counsel about a case it was backing.

Car buyers launch collective action over delivery costs

4 March 2020

A £150m opt-out collective action has been launched against five shipping companies whose cartel is alleged to have led to increased delivery costs for car buyers.

Burford defends unchanging and all-male board

3 March 2020

The former director-general of the Takeover Panel is to join the board of Burford Capital as the litigation funder defended the lack of turnover – and women – among its directors.

CA upholds firm’s costs entitlement after terminating CFA

28 February 2020

A law firm which stopped acting for a client after she refused to heed its advice to accept an offer to settle her case is entitled to recover the costs due from her under a CFA, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

Court of Appeal: Arkin cap is not a binding rule

25 February 2020

The Arkin cap is not a binding rule and judges have the discretion to order commercial funders to pay more than they have spent on a case, the Court of Appeal has held in a landmark decision.

ALF membership “not enough” to guarantee funder will pay

11 February 2020

Membership of the Association of Litigation Funders is not enough reassurance that a funder will pay up in the face of a large liability for costs, the High Court has ruled.

Record year of investment for Burford

5 February 2020

Litigation funder Burford Capital made a record investment of $1.6bn (£1.2bn) in new cases last year, it said in a bullish trading update as it continues to work on clawing back its reputation.

Court rejects LiP’s “indiscriminate attack” on legal expenses insurers

30 January 2020

The High Court has struck out a claim by a litigant-in-person who responded to the failure of an employment case by launching an “indiscriminate attack” against legal expenses insurers and regulators.

Jackson calls for international third-party funding rules

16 January 2020

Sir Rupert Jackson has called for international rules on the use of third-party funding in international arbitration, part of what he termed a wider global lex mercatoria.

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