Costs specialists target ADR and precedent automation

26 October 2020

Specialist costs lawyers in the South-West have joined forces with barristers to launch an ADR service aimed at costs, while another costs lawyer has launched an automated budget drafting service.

Call for more funding as employment tribunal backlog spirals up

23 October 2020

The backlog of outstanding employment tribunal claims could pass 500,000 by spring if it continues to increase at the current rate, Citizens Advice has warned as called for more funding.

Three-quarters of lawyers say firms have used litigation funding

22 October 2020

Three-quarters of lawyers at big law firms and major corporations say their businesses have used litigation funding, more than twice the number from three years ago, a report has found.

Restaurant fails in Covid claim over ‘all risks’ BI policy

21 October 2020

The High Court has rejected a restaurant’s claim that its Allianz insurance policy should pay out for losses suffered after it had to shut during lockdown.

Number of motor claims stays low over last three months

20 October 2020

The collapse in new motor injury claims seen during lockdown continued in the following three months, despite more cars returning to the road.

“Informed consent” ruling threatens avalanche of PI costs refund claims

19 October 2020

Personal injury law firms that fail to spell out in their retainers the costs clients could be liable for beyond what is recovered from defendants face a wave of litigation following a major High Court ruling.

Gordon-Saker: Lack of evidence threatens guideline rates review

19 October 2020

The Senior Costs Judge has warned lawyers that the guideline hourly rates may not change unless they start providing the group reviewing them with more evidence.

Court of Appeal to have power to depart from EU law

19 October 2020

The Ministry of Justice is to allow the Court of Appeal as well as the Supreme Court to depart from EU case law from next year, despite the opposition of a majority of respondents to a consultation.

Claims handler banned for altering email to solicitors

16 October 2020

A former claims handler at leading midlands firm Shakespeare Martineau has been banned from working in the profession for falsifying an email sent to opposing solicitors.

Cautious lawyers and lack of data lead to closure of CourtQuant

15 October 2020

Predictive analytics pioneer CourtQuant is in the process of being wound up, with its chief executive blaming cautious lawyers, a lack of data and the impact of the pandemic.

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