Innsworth to back Mastercard action as IMF launches new fund

24 June 2019

The third-party litigation funder that stepped in late in the day to fund the appeal in the £14bn Mastercard consumer claim is backing the entire case. We also have news from funders IMF, LCM and Burford.

Flexible court hours pilots to start in September

24 June 2019

The flexible operating hours pilots for civil and family courts are to begin on 2 September, the Ministry of Justice has announced. It said the aim was to test whether this would offer “better access to justice”.

Security for costs sanction for party that ignored CMC deadline

21 June 2019

The High Court has ordered a party that missed the deadline to fix the date of a case management conference by more than four years to pay security for costs as a sanction.

Litigation funding platform targets wealthy private investors

20 June 2019

An online funding platform has recruited 200 high net-worth individuals to back commercial litigation cases in the UK and is employing litigation analytics to support its work.

Equalities watchdog slams legal aid rules in discrimination cases

20 June 2019

Difficulties in obtaining legal aid funding in discrimination law cases has created insurmountable barriers, leading to a denial of justice, new research has found.

Costs were not made to measure in tailoring dispute, says judge

19 June 2019

The High Court has condemned the costs of a straightforward breach of confidence case as “completely out of proportion”. The focus had wrongly been put on had been invested, rather than lost

No rule to stop costs being awarded against children, says judge

18 June 2019

There is no general rule preventing costs being awarded against children, a High Court judge has said. Mr Justice Morgan said the case law on the issue did not present a “clear or coherent picture” on the issue.

PI fee-earner who faked court documents banned from profession

18 June 2019

A personal injury fee-earner created and backdated documents in a bid to mislead the court and others that he had met its deadlines, the Solicitors Regulation Authority has revealed.

Firm claims first victory in contested cavity wall insulation case

17 June 2019

A north-west law firm has won what it believes is the first contested case against installers of faulty cavity wall insulation. This has long been seen as a potential area of growth for claimant firms.

Chambers launches private early neutral evaluation service

13 June 2019

No5 Chambers has launched a fixed-fee private early neutral evaluation service for claims worth up to £25,000, echoing the financial dispute resolution appointment in family proceedings

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