Defendant can resile from part 36 offer accepted before protected party’s death

22 April 2021

It would be unjust for a defendant to be bound by the acceptance of a six-year-old part 36 offer on behalf of a protected party just hours before their death, the High Court has indicated.

Rapid arbitration at heart of new rules for digital disputes

22 April 2021

Non-court-based digital dispute resolution rules designed for novel technology such as crypto-assets, smart contracts, and blockchain applications have been published today.

Trainee’s lockdown-induced error leads to claim’s failure

21 April 2021

There was nothing in the CPR that could make good a mistake by a trainee solicitor in not serving a claim form in time, even though it was down to the disruption of Covid, the High Court has ruled.

Representative action takes aim at TikTok’s capture of children’s data

21 April 2021

The former Children’s Commissioner for England is fronting a representative action against TikTok over allegations that it illegally collected children’s private information.

Government should “look inwards” before restricting judicial review

20 April 2021

The government should “look inwards”, and officials develop a “more constructive relationship with lawyers and the law” before restricting the scope of judicial review, a leading think tank has argued.

Wave of litigation set to end pandemic shift to ADR

19 April 2021

Businesses have been turning to negotiation and mediation to resolve disputes during the pandemic but expect litigation to return in volume this year, according to a survey by EY.

Law firms join forces to support asbestos campaign

19 April 2021

Thirteen law firms have come together to support asbestos charity ActionMeso’s campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of asbestos and mesothelioma, the cancer it causes.

Female juniors head towards equality before top court

15 April 2021

The ratio of women to men appearing before the Supreme Court has improved hugely in recent years at junior levels, although less so at senior levels, a comprehensive survey has shown.

Judge upholds $3.7m default costs certificate after delayed reaction

14 April 2021

A costs judge has upheld a default costs certificate on a $3.7m bill after the paying party’s solicitors did not show any sense of urgency in dealing with it.

Budget variation application failed promptness test, master rules

13 April 2021

A High Court master has sent out a strong message on the need to seek budget variations promptly after refusing a bid to increase two claimants’ budgets by £1.3m.

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