Solicitors “ignorant about prof neg adjudication”

22 August 2019

There is still “quite a lot of ignorance” among solicitors about adjudication as a “swift and relatively inexpensive” way of settling professional negligence disputes, a barrister adjudicator has said.

Court of Appeal highlights value of early neutral evaluation

21 August 2019

Requiring parties to submit to early neutral evaluation against their will is “not an obstruction to or constraint on” their access to the court, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

Judge condemns “embarrassing” expert who used expletive

20 August 2019

A High Court judge has taken to task an “embarrassing” medical expert who made “continual apologies” and used “an expletive” during his evidence.

Jail for holiday sickness claims fraudster

19 August 2019

A fraudster who drummed up false holiday sickness claims over several years has been jailed for 12 months. He was found guilty of intentionally assisting in the commission of an offence.

All but one of nine new High Court judges were at Oxbridge

16 August 2019

Nine new High Court judges have been named this week, all but one of whom attended Oxford or Cambridge universities. Though open to those without judicial experience, all have it.

High Court sets aside default judgment in £3m PI claim

14 August 2019

The High Court has set aside judgment in default of defence in a £3m personal injury claim because, although the court was “unaware” of it, a defence had been served before the judgment.

CA orders retrial after High Court judge’s “inadequate” ruling

13 August 2019

The Court of Appeal has “reluctantly” ordered the retrial of a Commercial Court case after finding that the judge failed to address all the evidence before him. It said this was a “last resort”.

Court “does not need consent of all parties” to order ENE

9 August 2019

A court has the power to order early neutral evaluation even though one party has not consented to it, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

Hastings blames claims inflation for faltering profits

8 August 2019

Insurance company Hastings today blamed claims inflation rising faster than premiums, along with the new discount rate, for sharply reduced profitability.

Lawyers at “growing risk of claims” for under-settlement

7 August 2019

Professional negligence actions arising from lawyers under-settling personal injury and clinical negligence claims appear to be on the rise, a specialist barrister has warned.

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