Judge rejects bid to exit shorter trial scheme

22 February 2019

A judge has refused a party’s application to remove their case from the shorter trial scheme. He also found that the scheme’s approach to disclosure was similar to that of the disclosure pilot.

£6.6m PI claim falls away due to fundamental dishonesty

22 February 2019

A claimant who sought £6.6m in damages has accepted a £25,000 ‘nuisance’ payment after allegations of fundamental dishonesty were raised, despite suffering a genuine injury.

Defendant lawyers celebrate ruling on untraced drivers

21 February 2019

Defendant insurance lawyers have praised yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling on untraced drivers, but a claimant solicitor has argued that innocent claimants could lose out as a result.

Supreme Court: No right to sue untraced driver

20 February 2019

Accident victims have no right to sue an untraced driver, the Supreme Court has ruled today in the case of a hit-and-run driver and a registered owner who refused to identify him or her.

Appeal judges “penalising law firms for being efficient”

18 February 2019

The Court of Appeal ruling last week in the Bott & Co flight delay litigation shows that judges are not giving solicitors credit for being more business-like and efficient, a leading commentator has argued.

CA rules £1m security order to admit late statement was wrong

18 February 2019

A High Court judge was wrong to order a defendant to make a £1m security for costs payment – almost the sum the claimant was seeking – to rely on a witness statement it had served late.

“Verbal brawl” shows why disclosure pilot is needed

14 February 2019

A Chancery master has criticised the “verbal brawl” into which a landlord and tenant dispute has descended and said the conduct of the case showed why the disclosure pilot was necessary.

Expert witness skills “should be part of doctors’ training”

14 February 2019

Learning the skills of being an expert witness should be part of the training of GPs and consultants so they can give evidence when other doctors are under the microscope, it has been claimed.

High Court allows more time for steelworker claims

7 February 2019

The High Court has given the personal representatives of deceased steelworkers more time to register their compensation claims under a group litigation order.

Appeal judges rule on difference between ‘advice’ and ‘information’

6 February 2019

The Court of Appeal has set out a series of steps courts should take when deciding whether a professional negligence case involves ‘advice’ or ‘information’.

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