Leading firms collaborate on online arbitration case management protocol

10 December 2020

Six leading law firms have collaborated to publish a protocol for online case management in international arbitration to promote a globally consistent approach.

Arbitrators made “simple” $54m mistake

8 December 2020

A High Court judge has described how “a tribunal of leading arbitrators” made a “simple mistake” when assessing damages in a dispute, awarding one of the parties up to $54m more than they meant to.

High Court rules out “retrospective” arbitration appeal

2 December 2020

The High Court has ruled that it has no power to consider a “retrospective” application for permission to appeal against its judgment in an arbitration case which was itself an appeal.

International community “will see Halliburton ruling as protecting Bar”

30 November 2020

The Supreme Court’s decision not to remove a QC from an arbitration will reinforce the international perception that members of the English Bar are being protected, it has been claimed.

Supreme Court refuses to remove oil spill barrister over potential bias

27 November 2020

The Supreme Court has rejected a bid to remove a QC appointed to arbitrate a dispute arising from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill because he failed to disclose later appointments in other cases.

Costs specialists target ADR and precedent automation

26 October 2020

Specialist costs lawyers in the South-West have joined forces with barristers to launch an ADR service aimed at costs, while another costs lawyer has launched an automated budget drafting service.

Guidelines aim to resolve Covid-19 disputes without rancour

14 October 2020

High-level efforts to help parties resolve contractual disputes arising from the Covid-19 pandemic efficiently and without rancour have moved on to practical guidelines to achieve this.

$128m award annulled over link between tribunal member and expert

29 September 2020

The undisclosed relationship between an arbitral tribunal member and one of the claimants’ experts has led to a €128m award being annulled as it could have had a “material effect” on the decision.

“Lawyers don’t want to change” – PI arbitration service set to shut

14 September 2020

The QC behind a pioneering personal injury and medical negligence arbitration service has warned that it could close before Christmas if there are no new cases.

Inability to find a QC “not good reason” for arbitration no-show

15 July 2020

There was no reason “at all” why a defendant in a €20m arbitration had to use the Bar and being unable to find counsel at short notice was not a good reason not to participate in the hearing.

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17 December 2020

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