Costs specialists target ADR and precedent automation

26 October 2020

Specialist costs lawyers in the South-West have joined forces with barristers to launch an ADR service aimed at costs, while another costs lawyer has launched an automated budget drafting service.

Guidelines aim to resolve Covid-19 disputes without rancour

14 October 2020

High-level efforts to help parties resolve contractual disputes arising from the Covid-19 pandemic efficiently and without rancour have moved on to practical guidelines to achieve this.

$128m award annulled over link between tribunal member and expert

29 September 2020

The undisclosed relationship between an arbitral tribunal member and one of the claimants’ experts has led to a €128m award being annulled as it could have had a “material effect” on the decision.

“Lawyers don’t want to change” – PI arbitration service set to shut

14 September 2020

The QC behind a pioneering personal injury and medical negligence arbitration service has warned that it could close before Christmas if there are no new cases.

Inability to find a QC “not good reason” for arbitration no-show

15 July 2020

There was no reason “at all” why a defendant in a €20m arbitration had to use the Bar and being unable to find counsel at short notice was not a good reason not to participate in the hearing.

Fixed-price ADR services launched for Covid 19 disputes

23 June 2020

Two alternative dispute resolution bodies have joined forces to launch a service to handle commercial disputes caused by Covid 19, as has a leading City law firm.

Arbitration service backed by blockchain goes live

16 June 2020

A new arbitration service, which uses blockchain technology to improve case management, has been launched by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Two-thirds of SMEs “willing to take banks to court”

15 June 2020

Two-thirds of SMEs would be willing to challenge their bank in the courts if they fail to deal with complaints properly, a survey of businesses during the coronavirus crisis has found.

NHS Resolution expands mediation panel

9 June 2020

NHS Resolution has added one provider to its mediation panel following what it said was a “highly competitive retender” process that saw the existing three reappointed.

Top judges call for ADR “acceleration” in face of Covid-19

4 June 2020

A group of senior former judges and legal academics has called for an acceleration in the take-up of ADR in the face of commercial contract disputes arising from Covid-19.

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