Inability to find a QC “not good reason” for arbitration no-show

15 July 2020

There was no reason “at all” why a defendant in a €20m arbitration had to use the Bar and being unable to find counsel at short notice was not a good reason not to participate in the hearing.

Fixed-price ADR services launched for Covid 19 disputes

23 June 2020

Two alternative dispute resolution bodies have joined forces to launch a service to handle commercial disputes caused by Covid 19, as has a leading City law firm.

Arbitration service backed by blockchain goes live

16 June 2020

A new arbitration service, which uses blockchain technology to improve case management, has been launched by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Two-thirds of SMEs “willing to take banks to court”

15 June 2020

Two-thirds of SMEs would be willing to challenge their bank in the courts if they fail to deal with complaints properly, a survey of businesses during the coronavirus crisis has found.

NHS Resolution expands mediation panel

9 June 2020

NHS Resolution has added one provider to its mediation panel following what it said was a “highly competitive retender” process that saw the existing three reappointed.

Top judges call for ADR “acceleration” in face of Covid-19

4 June 2020

A group of senior former judges and legal academics has called for an acceleration in the take-up of ADR in the face of commercial contract disputes arising from Covid-19.

Complaint to SRA forces arbitrator to resign

27 May 2020

The claimant in an arbitration forced out the solicitor arbitrator who it argued had provided a misleading CV by complaining to the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the High Court has heard.

CJEU: LEI policyholders can choose lawyer for mediation

27 May 2020

The right under EU law for people with legal expenses insurance to choose their own lawyer in legal proceedings extends to mediation, the Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled.

Successful defendant penalised in costs for ADR failure

14 May 2020

The High Court has penalised a successful party for refusing to engage in alternative dispute resolution, saying it had brought the litigation on itself as a result.

ABI/ACSO deal aims to keep medicals and rehab going

27 April 2020

Insurers, law firms and suppliers have agreed a ‘statement of intent’ to keep non-MedCo medical examinations and rehabilitation going remotely during the Covid-19 crisis.

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