Both sides support MedCo assessments staying online

6 July 2020

Covid-19 has released the ’virtual claims management’ genie from the bottle and there will be no going back, a leading claimant firm has argued.

No relief for claimant who went “well beyond” court order

2 June 2020

The High Court has rejected an application for relief from sanctions from a claimant who went “well beyond” a directions order by obtaining a fully updated report from a medical expert.

Neuberger to lead Academy of Experts

19 May 2020

Former Supreme Court president Lord Neuberger is to replace Lord Saville as president of the Academy of Experts later this year, it has been announced.

ABI/ACSO deal aims to keep medicals and rehab going

27 April 2020

Insurers, law firms and suppliers have agreed a ‘statement of intent’ to keep non-MedCo medical examinations and rehabilitation going remotely during the Covid-19 crisis.

Judge demands “level playing field” on recording medical examinations

21 April 2020

The High Court has insisted that there must be a “level playing field” when it comes to recording medical examinations, saying a protocol being worked up by APIL and FOIL offered the best solution.

High Court: Experts owe clients “fiduciary duty of loyalty”

16 April 2020

Expert witnesses owe a fiduciary obligation of loyalty to their clients and it is not satisfied simply by putting in place measures to preserve confidentiality and privilege, the High Court has ruled.

Unfit expert hit with £89k third-party costs order

14 February 2020

A circuit judge has made a “highly unusual” and large third-party costs order against a claimant’s medical expert witness, whose “improper, unreasonable, or negligent conduct” doomed the case.

MedCo eyes charging all users as it faces £2m loss

4 February 2020

The continuing decline in number of medical reporting organisations signed up to MedCo is set to blow a £2m hole in its finances and could lead to all users being charged, it has emerged.

MedCo beefs up ethics guidance for medical agencies

15 January 2020

MedCo has stepped up its efforts to ensure that medical reporting organisations act ethically by beefing up the guidance to help them recognise and identify ethical issues.

QC: Shortage of up-to-date expert medical witnesses

25 November 2019

Experienced medical professionals who are still working and have up-to-date knowledge of practice and procedure are becoming increasingly reluctant to act as expert witnesses, lawyers have warned.

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