Experts urged to avoid “grandstanding”

22 September 2020

The best experts giving evidence in court are those who answer the questions thoughtfully as opposed to grandstanding, a High Court judge told an online meeting of expert witnesses last week.

Judge refuses to let claimant abandon “unfavourable” joint expert

15 September 2020

A High Court judge has upheld a decision not to allow a claimant in a noise-induced hearing loss case to rely on a different expert because a joint expert produced an unfavourable report.

Judges issues guidance to experts on remote evidence

3 September 2020

A panel of top judges has issued guidance for expert witnesses on giving evidence remotely, which warns that “processing information through online contact is hard”.

Courts cannot critique “uncontroverted” expert reports

25 August 2020

It is not the role of the courts to subject “uncontroverted” expert reports to “the same kind of analysis and critique as if it was evaluating a controverted or contested report”, the High Court has ruled.

Slater & Gordon ditches rehab arm and stops using its own MRO

17 July 2020

Slater & Gordon has signed a deal with ExamWorks UK to handle both its medical reporting and rehabilitation needs that will see the closure of its rehabilitation business, Overland Health.

Covid-19 will have “major impact” on £700m medico-legal market

16 July 2020

The medico-legal and insurance services market had an estimated turnover of £700m last year but the coronavirus will have a “major impact”, a report has warned.

Both sides support MedCo assessments staying online

6 July 2020

Covid-19 has released the ’virtual claims management’ genie from the bottle and there will be no going back, a leading claimant firm has argued.

No relief for claimant who went “well beyond” court order

2 June 2020

The High Court has rejected an application for relief from sanctions from a claimant who went “well beyond” a directions order by obtaining a fully updated report from a medical expert.

Neuberger to lead Academy of Experts

19 May 2020

Former Supreme Court president Lord Neuberger is to replace Lord Saville as president of the Academy of Experts later this year, it has been announced.

ABI/ACSO deal aims to keep medicals and rehab going

27 April 2020

Insurers, law firms and suppliers have agreed a ‘statement of intent’ to keep non-MedCo medical examinations and rehabilitation going remotely during the Covid-19 crisis.

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21 September 2020

Why arbitration hasn’t worked for personal injury

I can’t say I’m surprised that PIcARBS looks to have run its course. While the lack of interest has been put down to lawyers not wanting to trial the service, market forces are decisive and the market is right.

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