No shift in demographics as 114 new QCs are named

17 January 2020

Some 114 new QCs were appointed yesterday, with the statistics showing little change in the demographics of the 258 who applied, of whom just a fifth were women.

UK courts “under attack” from Russian manipulation

13 January 2020

The corrupt leaders of Russia are manipulating courts and tribunals around the world – with a particular focus on the UK – with “blatant lies, forged documents, and utterly implausible explanations”.

Banking litigators eye disputes from LIBOR change

7 January 2020

The replacement of LIBOR and the growth in class actions are set to come to the fore for banking litigators, according to specialist solicitors.

CA: Litigants do not owe duty of care to opponents

18 December 2019

Litigants do not owe a duty of care to their opponents, the Court of Appeal has made clear. This included checking the accuracy of the other side’s evidence where it is based on their own documents.

ABI drops discount rate judicial review threat

17 December 2019

The Association of British Insurers has decided not to launch judicial review proceedings over the previous government’s decision to raise the discount rate, but only to -0.25%.

“Disproportionate” to strike out claim for late payment of court fees

10 December 2019

Striking out a £120,000 claim for late payment of court fees was disproportionate and the claimant was entitled to relief from sanctions, the High Court has ruled.

“Over-lawyered” witness statements set for limited reform

9 December 2019

Witness statements are “over-lawyered” and too long and argumentative, a Commercial Court working group has found, but it has shied away from recommending radical reform.

Small claims track delays continue to rise

6 December 2019

The average time between a small claim being issued and going to trial continues to spiral upwards ahead of the reforms which will send hundreds of thousands of personal injury claims into the system.

Preliminary issues hearing starts in VW emissions case

4 December 2019

The first battle in the Volkswagen emissions case – what has been described as the largest group action to come before the English courts – began this week.

Solicitors urged to shorten their own witness statements

19 November 2019

A High Court master has urged solicitors providing witness statements to cut back on the unnecessary detail, stressing that they are not the same as those given by lay witnesses.

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