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MedCo reverses position on medicals by video

MedCo has today reversed its decision not to allow remote medical examinations after pressure from its users and in light of government advice.

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Dishonesty “doesn’t need to persist” to be fundamental

A recorder was wrong to find that a personal injury claimant was not fundamentally dishonest because he did not persist with his dishonesty, the High Court has decided.

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Electronic bill of costs “set to be extended”

The electronic bill of costs is here to stay and the Senior Costs Judge is keen to extend its use, starting with Court of Protection bills, a roundtable has heard.

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Failure to spend budget “not a good reason to depart”

A failure to spend the totality of a budgeted figure for a phase because of settlement is not in itself a good reason to depart from a costs budget, a regional costs judge has ruled.

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Parties praised after first trial in capped costs pilot

The first case under the capped costs pilot reached trial last week, with the judge commending the parties for their “significant degree of collaboration” to make it work.

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CA upholds firm’s costs entitlement after terminating CFA

A law firm which stopped acting for a client after she refused to heed its advice to accept an offer to settle her case is entitled to recover the costs due from her under a CFA, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

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Claimant who exited portal by error avoids fixed costs

A costs judge was entitled to find that a case that erroneously exited the portal would have done so legitimately at some stage and so the claimant was entitled to regular, rather than fixed, costs.

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Parties can contract out of fixed costs regime

Parties can agree to contract out of fixed costs, a regional costs judge has ruled. He said it was clear that a recent ruling of the Court of Appeal allowed parties to do this.

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