Judge “wrong” not to make unless order over unpaid costs

A circuit judge was wrong not to make an unless order against a claimant who failed to pay the costs of a preliminary hearing, the High Court has ruled.

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Friston issues “double jeopardy” warning over conduct issues

Conduct issues that could have been dealt with at trial cannot be revisited during detailed assessment, the author of Friston on Costs, sitting in the Senior Courts Costs Office, has ruled.

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Judge caps “disproportionate” hourly rates for Green lawyers

The judge in charge of the media list has reduced the hourly rate recoverable by the lawyers for Sir Philip Green in his case against the Daily Telegraph. He capped the top partner rate at £550 an hour.

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Judge caps “alarming costs” of Supreme Court appeal

The High Court has criticised the “deeply alarming” level of costs which the trustee of the British Airways pension scheme expects to spend in a Supreme Court appeal.

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DDJ “should not have interfered” with parties’ costs agreement

A deputy district judge’s decision to vary a consent order for costs on the standard basis to apply fixed costs to a claim that started in the portal has been overturned.

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Sunday Times

Law firm complains to IPSO over Sunday Times article

London law firm Signature Litigation has used a complaint to the Independent Press Standards Organisation to secure a clarification from The Sunday Times over a costs dispute.

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Appeal refused over claimant who issued just to recover costs

The Court of Appeal has refused permission to appeal a High Court decision that found a claimant was entitled to issue his claim solely in pursuit of costs.

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Fees breakdown published for capped costs pilot

The breakdown of the £80,000 in fees that solicitors will be able to claim under the voluntary capped costs pilot for certain Business and Property Courts cases valued up to £250,000 has been published.

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