CJC group recommends “modest” increases in guideline hourly rates

There should be a “modest” increases in the guideline hourly rates – ranging from 7% to 35% – with the highest band for heavyweight commercial work rather than any work carried out by a City law firm.

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Third of costs lawyers “busier than ever” despite Covid-19

Costs lawyers have weathered the Covid-19 well, with more than a third reporting that they are busier than ever, but some finding that solicitors are paying bills more slowly.

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Complex injury lawyers urge hourly rate review to recognise specialism

The Forum of Complex Injury Solicitors has urged the working group reviewing the guideline hourly rates to recognise the need for higher rates for the type of work its members undertake.

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Increase guideline hourly rates by 35% pending CJC review, judge says

The guideline hourly rates should be increased to take account of inflation while they are being reviewed, meaning an increase of 35%, the High Court ruled this week.

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CA: Judge was wrong not to order all of part 36 enhanced awards

Making one of the four enhanced awards of beating a part 36 offer does not “in any way” undermine or lessen entitlement to the others, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

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“Where are the savings?” – PI lawyers attack insurers

Claimant lawyers have attacked motor insurers for failing to pass on to consumers £367m in savings they have seen because of the impact of Covid-19 in reducing injury claims.

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Court of Appeal refuses permission to appeal Swift v Carpenter

The Court of Appeal has refused permission to appeal Swift v Carpenter, its recent decision on accommodation claims, and awarded the claimant her costs.

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Costs specialists target ADR and precedent automation

Specialist costs lawyers in the South-West have joined forces with barristers to launch an ADR service aimed at costs, while another costs lawyer has launched an automated budget drafting service.

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30 March 2021

Judicial review reform: A risk to the courts’ post-Brexit standing

In addition to questions about the motivations for curbing legal challenges to political decisions, the proposed reforms to judicial review raise concerns about undermining the reputation of the English courts

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