MedCo beefs up ethics guidance for medical agencies

MedCo has stepped up its efforts to ensure that medical reporting organisations act ethically by beefing up the guidance to help them recognise and identify ethical issues.

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QC: Shortage of up-to-date expert medical witnesses

Experienced medical professionals who are still working and have up-to-date knowledge of practice and procedure are becoming increasingly reluctant to act as expert witnesses, lawyers have warned.

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Lord Justice Gross

Experts who “fall short” face “much more robust” response

Expert witnesses who “fall short of the mark” face a “much more and properly robust” response from the courts, a recently retired Court of Appeal judge has warned.

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Solicitor make-up expert highlights role for skin camouflage

A former City solicitor who quit the law to become a make-up artist specialising in disguising scars and other skin damage, is campaigning to increase personal injury lawyers’ awareness of the skill.

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Master urges APIL and FOIL to agree recordings protocol

A High Court master has urged the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and the Forum of Insurance Lawyers to agree a protocol to govern the recording of medico-legal examinations.

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Neuberger: expert witnesses can learn from Supreme Court

Lord Neuberger, former president of the Supreme Court, has told expert witnesses that they can learn from the “impartial” way the court handled the Brexit case, in a wide-ranging speech on experts’ duties.

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Senior judge attacks expert witness “dinosaurs”

A senior judge has said too many people regard being an expert witness as a “nice retirement number”, while another has warned of the dangers of experts not being trained to give evidence.

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Expert “failed to provide objective opinion”, says High Court

An expert witness who said in oral evidence that he saw his role as presenting his side’s case “in the most favourable light” has been criticised by the High Court.

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