ALF membership “not enough” to guarantee funder will pay

Membership of the Association of Litigation Funders is not enough reassurance that a funder will pay up in the face of a large liability for costs, the High Court has ruled.

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Record year of investment for Burford

Litigation funder Burford Capital made a record investment of $1.6bn (£1.2bn) in new cases last year, it said in a bullish trading update as it continues to work on clawing back its reputation.

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Court rejects LiP’s “indiscriminate attack” on legal expenses insurers

The High Court has struck out a claim by a litigant-in-person who responded to the failure of an employment case by launching an “indiscriminate attack” against legal expenses insurers and regulators.

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Jackson calls for international third-party funding rules

Sir Rupert Jackson has called for international rules on the use of third-party funding in international arbitration, part of what he termed a wider global lex mercatoria.

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CAT gives truck buyers green light to pursue costs

The claimants in the truck cartel litigation have received the green light to move forward without delay to an assessment of the costs of a preliminary hearing given the two sides’ contrasting financial resources.

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Burford eyes US listing after shareholder action ends

A shareholder action against Burford Capital has been discontinued as it heads for a second listing in the US, the litigation funder announced today.

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Boutique firm acting on DBA for ‘mortgage prisoners’

Boutique litigation law firm Harcus Parker has begun legal proceedings on behalf of so-called ‘mortgage prisoners’ who say they have been trapped paying more on their mortgages than they should have.

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Litigation Futures Conference, March 19th 2019

High Court ruling “shows strength of Manolete model”

A High Court ruling refusing to set aside £4.3m judgment in default in a suppressed sales case shows the strength of the litigation funding model used by Manolete Partners, it has been argued.

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