Sudden increase in successful appeals to Supreme Court

There was a sharp increase in successful appeals to the Supreme Court last year, while immigration cases accounted for 14% of the applications for permission to appeal, its annual report has shown.

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Witnesses overheard conferring during break in remote hearing

Two witnesses in a remote construction case were overheard having a private telephone conversation about the evidence one of them was giving during a break in proceedings, it has emerged.

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Judges parachuted in to help employment tribunal backlog

Deploying non-employment judges into employment tribunals and more remote hearings are part of a package of measures to help the system cope with the high level of demand.

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Claimant law firms call for representation on JR panel

A group of five law firms have urged Lord Chancellor Robert Buckland to include claimant representatives on the panel looking at reforming judicial review.

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Senior government lawyer among new High Court judges

A senior government lawyer who is director-general of the Attorney General’s Office is among nine new appointments to the High Court. She is also one of two new female solicitors to join the bench.

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FCA Covid-19 test case headed for Supreme Court, lawyers predict

Lawyers are already predicting a leapfrogged appeal to the Supreme Court after the High Court handed down its ruling in the Financial Conduct Authority’s business interruption insurance test case.

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Paralegal banned after forging email to court

A paralegal who misled the court into thinking that a court fee had been paid so as to reverse a decision to strike out a case has been banned from working in the profession.

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Motor fraud on the rise “in anticipation of whiplash reforms”

An increase in motor insurance fraud may be related to next year’s whiplash reforms, the Association of British Insurers has suggested.

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21 September 2020

Why arbitration hasn’t worked for personal injury

I can’t say I’m surprised that PIcARBS looks to have run its course. While the lack of interest has been put down to lawyers not wanting to trial the service, market forces are decisive and the market is right.

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