CostsMaster prepares users for budgeting with pre-release preview

Costs budget: users can prepare it in precedent H

Litigation Futures sponsor CostsMaster has launched a preview of the update which will bring the costs software in line with the new budgeting requirements coming into force next month.

CostsMaster version 4 is now available to download, at no extra charge to existing CostsMaster users, from here.

CostsMaster 4 allows users to prepare a costs budget in precedent H, either by entering work or by importing it from a time recording system. It also contains features to manage budgets once set by the court or agreed with the other parties.

A spokesman for CostsMaster said: “We believe it is the most comprehensive costs budgeting tool available. Despite all the new features available, version 4 is available to existing CostsMaster users at no extra charge.”

Version 4 is still undergoing the final stages of testing but is available now to give users the chance to familiarise themselves with the new features. There are several further additions planned, some that have been requested as a result of the initial testing. CostsMaster would welcome the feedback of users who download the preview version.

It will install alongside version 3 so users can keep both versions on their machines until they choose to switch to version 4.

CostsMaster is also reflecting next month’s legal aid changes, adding support not only for the new CLAIM1 & CLAIM1A forms but also new bill templates to reflect the change of wording from the Legal Services Commission to the Legal Aid Agency. This work is still in an early stage of testing and will be made available shortly.