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Expert witness skills “should be part of doctors’ training”

Hendry: Much wider pool of doctors needed

Learning the skills of being an expert witness should be part of the training of GPs and consultants so they can give evidence when other doctors are under the microscope, it has been claimed.

The Medical Protection Society (MPS) set out a four-point action plan to encourage and support doctors to become expert witnesses, because it was important to “ensure that doctors have an informed hearing” when they appear before the General Medical Council (GMC) or face criminal charges.

The MPS said:

Dr Rob Hendry, medical director at MPS, said “The expert evidence of a doctor – as to the expected standard of care – can be pivotal in a tribunal hearing or in criminal trials concerning incidents that have occurred in a healthcare setting.

“This is why there needs to be a much wider pool of doctors with the right experience who are able to serve. It is a vital role that doctors can perform on behalf of and in support of their profession.

He said any doctor facing a tribunal or court would hope that the assessment of their practice has been carried out by someone respected by their peers and who can present balanced evidence “in the context of delivering healthcare in a modern-day NHS”.

Dr Hendry continued: “Many doctors feel uncomfortable describing themselves as experts – that word carries a lot of different connotations.

“However, if a doctor is established in their speciality, and has built up expert knowledge in a particular area then it is likely that they have the necessary level of experience to act as an expert.

“Above all else, they need to be able to be able to provide informative and balanced evidence that assists the court to set a fair benchmark for the accused doctor.

“We need more doctors to be freed up by their employer as well as encouraged and trained to take on this important role.”