Grieve launches public international law panel

Grieve: cost-effective approach

The growth in international litigation involving the government has prompted the Attorney General to begin recruitment for a new public international law panel.

The panel, made up of junior counsel able to take on advisory work and litigation in domestic and international courts, will be modelled on the London civil panel, and divided into A, B and C categories, which relate to the barrister’s seniority.

Current London rates are £120 per hour for the A panel, £100 for the B panel and £80 for the C panel if the barrister is over five year’s call; otherwise it is £60.

Attorney General Dominic Grieve QC MP said: “As the volume of international civil cases grows, now is the right time to make sure we can calls on barristers who are sufficiently experienced and expert in the field.

“With new panel members we can achieve this in a cost-effective way ensuring the government can call on an excellent a pool of counsel which will get the best value for taxpayers’ money.”

The law officers already maintain four panels of junior counsel to undertake civil and EU advocacy work for all government departments, with the assistance of the Treasury Solicitor’s department. Between them there have around 430 members.