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Legal Aid Agency bids to map CFA market

ATE insurance: Legal Aid Agency wants details of providers

The Legal Aid Agency has extended the deadline for an online survey on the availability of conditional fee agreements (CFAs) when clients are looking for legal help.

The agency is undertaking the mapping exercise because it can only provide legal aid if satisfied that the case is “unsuitable” for a CFA.

This is laid down in regulation 39 of The Civil Legal Aid (Merits Criteria) Regulations 2013.

The questions have been designed with input from representative bodies and legal aid providers at meetings of the Civil Contracts Consultative Group.

The survey looks at issues such as success criteria and the categories of law where CFAs are being offered. It also asks lawyers to name after-the-event insurance providers they have dealt with, those providers’ terms of business and whether there any specific categories of law or types of proceedings that ATE providers have a general policy to refuse cover.

There are also questions on disbursement funding and use of alternatives, such as third-party funders.

The agency urged lawyers who work in categories of law where CFAs are not available still to complete the survey as “this will help us to see the full picture across all categories”.

The survey closes on 6 June. To take part, click here.

By Neil Rose

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