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MedCo chooses Bond Solon and Docslot to accredit expert witnesses

stethoscope [1]

All experts must be accredited by the new year.

MedCo, the new system for sourcing medical reports in whiplash cases, has announced that Bond Solon and Docslot have been chosen as the first two companies to accredit experts.

All medical experts writing initial reports for “low value soft tissue injuries” will have to be accredited from I January 2016, although there is talk that this is being moved to 1 February. MedCo estimated that the training would take 30-35 hours.

Bond Solon is a legal training and information company based in London, owned by Wilmington, which specialises in the legal, financial and compliance sectors. Bond Solon specialises in the training of expert witnesses.

Docslot is an IT company which provides technology and training to doctors, physiotherapists and nurses. Products include an online appointment-booking system.

A spokesman for Docslot said the company was a wholly-owned subsidiary of an IT company called Smart Online Ltd, a private company with two shareholders – Dr Bippon Vinayak, chairman and chief executive of the Doctors Chambers Group, and Dr Anne King, the group’s chief medical officer.

However, the spokesman said Docslot and Smart Online were not owned by Doctors Chambers, which was owned by STM Fidecs, although Doctors Chambers, Smart Online and Docslot “do share some directors”.

He added that Doctors Chambers had been a customer of Docslot for over five years.

A spokeswoman for MedCo told LegalFutures that there was no limit on the number of accreditation providers, and any new company wishing to apply should get in contact.

The spokeswoman said there were also no restrictions on the ownership of accreditation providers.

“MedCo has never defined that ownership of other entities would constitute a conflict for training providers. As such MedCo is not in a position to comment on the business structure of individual companies.”

The spokeswoman added that Bond Solon and Docslot were selected “following an independent pre-qualification evaluation”, and “both providers cover the same course content and offer the same level of accreditation”.