Master rejects “contingent” fundamental dishonesty claim

“Speculative or contingent” claims of fundamental dishonesty should be discouraged, a High Court master has said in refusing a defendant’s application to amend its defence.

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Solicitors ask: Is it time to ditch the guideline hourly rates altogether?

It may be time to ditch the guideline hourly rates entirely in favour of a market solution given they are meant to reflect what lawyers are charging, Birmingham Law Society has said.

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Corporate advisors aim to persuade companies to see upside of litigation

A financial advisory firm that guides in-house lawyers on how best to fund litigation is urging them to see disputes as assets that they can turn into working capital for their businesses.

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Proposed guideline hourly rates too low, lawyers argue

The review of the guideline hourly rates has been widely criticised for only considering the costs judges have allowed, rather than what lawyers have claimed.

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Level and Burford unveil funding boosts

Level, a litigation funder that specialises in family law, probate and other private client matters, has secured a £20m investment, while Burford has increased its planned $350m raise.

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Appeal court ruling to reopen “thousands” of flight delay claims

The Court of Appeal has opened the way for “thousands” of flight delay claims after ruling that a pilot’s sickness just before a flight took off was not a reason to refuse compensation.

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Remote hearing “did not stop witness admitting he had lied”

Holding a trial over the validity of a will remotely may have helped a witness admit that the contents of his affidavit were not true, the High Court has suggested.

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Regulator eyes greater role for legal expenses insurance

The Legal Services Board is set to explore whether and how legal expenses insurance can help to reduce unmet legal need, it confirmed this week.

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30 March 2021

Judicial review reform: A risk to the courts’ post-Brexit standing

In addition to questions about the motivations for curbing legal challenges to political decisions, the proposed reforms to judicial review raise concerns about undermining the reputation of the English courts

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