Review lays ground for both hybrid and defendant DBAs

Changes to the damages-based agreement (DBA) regulations, including opening them up to defendants and allowing hybrid DBAs, have been put forward by an independent review.

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Master urges APIL and FOIL to agree recordings protocol

A High Court master has urged the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and the Forum of Insurance Lawyers to agree a protocol to govern the recording of medico-legal examinations.

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Redacting solicitor’s comments to client was “cherry picking”

Redacting comments made by a company’s lawyer on a draft dismissal letter while disclosing other privileged documents was “impermissible cherry picking”, the Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled.

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High Court issues “novel” conditional costs order

The High Court has issued what has been described as a “novel” conditional order for an interim payments on account of costs in the event of a party not complying with an unless order.

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Els de Wind

IBA: “Give computers legal personality so they can be sued”

Computers should be given legal personality so that they can be sued as a way to stop fear of liability stifling innovation, a report by the International Bar Association has suggested.

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Supreme Court to hear Mastercard CPO appeal

The Supreme Court has granted Mastercard permission to appeal against the Court of Appeal ruling that kept the massive £14bn class action over interchange fees alive.

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Law firm “positively invited” client to end retainer

A law firm that gave a client seven days’ notice of its intention to end its retainer, but effectively forced the client to do it after a day, was the party responsible for the termination, the High Court has ruled.

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High Court judge urges update of guideline hourly rates

A High Court judge has urged a review of the guideline hourly rates, saying the current levels are “not helpful” when deciding what reasonable rates should be in 2019.

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