Liverpool judge refuses to move huge claim to London

The High Court in Liverpool has refused to transfer one of the biggest claims ever filed in this country to the Rolls Building in London, emphasising a core principle of the Business & Property Courts structure.

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Bounty pack

Law firm prepares group action over Bounty data breach

Cheshire law firm Bott & Co has started preparing a group action against pregnancy and parenting support club Bounty, for illegally sharing personal information of 14 million people.

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Test to escape fixed costs in ex-portal cases is “high bar”

The ‘exceptional circumstances’ test by which claimants whose cases exit the RTA portal can claim more than fixed recoverable costs is a high, rather than a low, bar, the High Court has held.

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High Court sidesteps Arkin cap: “Not an automatic rule”

The Arkin cap should not be applied automatically in all cases involving commercial litigation funders, the High Court has ruled in deciding that a funder should be fully liable for a successful party’s costs.

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Ministry of Justice to put MedCo at heart of LiPs portal

MedCo should be modified to accommodate unrepresented claimants as part of next year’s rise in the small claims limit for road traffic accident-related personal injury claims, the Ministry of Justice said today.

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Court of Appeal orders CAT to re-hear £14bn Mastercard claim

The Court of Appeal has overturned the decision that stopped the massive £14bn Mastercard class action – the biggest opt-out claim in English legal history.

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Compensators urged to prepare for higher discount rate

The impending change to the discount rate means a focus on old part 36 offers, accommodation claims and cases that have settled but still require court approval, a leading defendant lawyer has said.

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Lawyers who had “direct interest” in case face costs hearing

A ruling about ‘without prejudice’ correspondence has brought to light a claim against a group of lawyers who now face having to pay the costs of a case they facilitated.

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