Gross defends arbitration against claim it damages common law

A Court of Appeal judge has rejected the argument that the growth of arbitration to resolve commercial disputes has retarded the development of the common law.

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Disbursement funder receives £100m backing boost

Disbursement funder SpectraLegal has unveiled new backing of £100m as it looks to pursue an “aggressive” expansion policy. Meanwhile, Sparkle Capital has launched a new disbursement product.

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‘No deal’ Brexit could present “systemic risk” to UK law

Up to half of Supreme Court rulings refer to EU law and over 12% of all UK case law will be put at risk by the uncertainty following a ‘no deal’ Brexit, according to an analysis. Defendants’ willingness to settle… Read More

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Open justice wins out as court releases tobacco case papers

Another third-party bid to see documents used in a high-profile piece of litigation, this time involving the tobacco industry, has been successful.

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Judge caps “alarming costs” of Supreme Court appeal

The High Court has criticised the “deeply alarming” level of costs which the trustee of the British Airways pension scheme expects to spend in a Supreme Court appeal.

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Judge who told barrister she “did not need to lie” was not biased

A judge who accused a barrister of telling a lie when she had misheard what was said did not give rise to a conclusion of apparent bias, the employment appeal tribunal has ruled.

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DDJ “should not have interfered” with parties’ costs agreement

A deputy district judge’s decision to vary a consent order for costs on the standard basis to apply fixed costs to a claim that started in the portal has been overturned.

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Sunday Times

Law firm complains to IPSO over Sunday Times article

London law firm Signature Litigation has used a complaint to the Independent Press Standards Organisation to secure a clarification from The Sunday Times over a costs dispute.

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