Third of costs lawyers “busier than ever” despite Covid-19

Costs lawyers have weathered the Covid-19 well, with more than a third reporting that they are busier than ever, but some finding that solicitors are paying bills more slowly.

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Class actions set for certification hearings in wake of Mastercard ruling

Claimant representatives have hailed the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Merricks collective action case as a “pro-claimant and pro-litigation funding decision” which reinvigorates the regime.

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Mastercard class action still alive after Supreme Court dismisses appeal

The Supreme Court has agreed that the decision which stopped in its tracks the massive £14bn Mastercard class action – the biggest opt-out claim in English legal history – was unlawful.

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Former CA judge put forward code to shorten “overlong” rulings

Modern judgments have become “far too long” and judges sometimes forget who their audience is, a former member of the Court of Appeal has suggested.

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Leading firms collaborate on online arbitration case management protocol

Six leading law firms have collaborated to publish a protocol for online case management in international arbitration to promote a globally consistent approach.

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Complex injury lawyers urge hourly rate review to recognise specialism

The Forum of Complex Injury Solicitors has urged the working group reviewing the guideline hourly rates to recognise the need for higher rates for the type of work its members undertake.

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Arbitrators made “simple” $54m mistake

A High Court judge has described how “a tribunal of leading arbitrators” made a “simple mistake” when assessing damages in a dispute, awarding one of the parties up to $54m more than they meant to.

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Small claims worst hit so far by Covid as trial delays lengthen

Small claims have been disproportionally impacted by Covid-19 in terms of timeliness, official figures have shown, while the wait for multi- and fast-track trials has also increased, but not by as much.

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19 January 2021
Christian Smith

Pay as you go? Not quite

The Court of Appeal recently reaffirmed the statement of the general rule in the White Book that the costs of an application for an interim injunction will, absent any special factors, be reserved.

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