Cautious lawyers and lack of data lead to closure of CourtQuant

Predictive analytics pioneer CourtQuant is in the process of being wound up, with its chief executive blaming cautious lawyers, a lack of data and the impact of the pandemic.

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Commercial Court judge: costs are “always a worry”

A Commercial Court judge has said that the question of costs “worries me always” and should worry judges in all jurisdictions, particularly where there is a disparity of economic power between the parties.

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Guidelines aim to resolve Covid-19 disputes without rancour

High-level efforts to help parties resolve contractual disputes arising from the Covid-19 pandemic efficiently and without rancour have moved on to practical guidelines to achieve this.

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Guideline rates of little use in City-type litigation, says judge

The guideline hourly rates (GHR) are “barely even a starting point” in high-value litigation conducted by City law firms, a costs judge has ruled in allowing a grade A rate of £750.

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Time’s up for Roberts v Johnstone, says Court of Appeal

The formula set out in Roberts v Johnstone to calculate accommodation claims by injured people “no longer achieves fair and reasonable compensation”, the Court of Appeal ruled today.

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Law firm demands $185m contingency fee

A leading US law firm has demanded a contingency fee of almost $185m (£143m) for its work in obtaining $3.7bn in compensation for insurers in a dispute that reached the US Supreme Court.

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Judges condemns late argument in “forensic arms race” of a case

A High Court judge has strongly attacked the claimants in what he described as a “forensic arms race” over a complex claim by 202,000 Brazilian people and businesses following the collapse of a dam.

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Latest results keep Burford share price moving upwards

Burford Capital’s share price is rising steadily as it claims the latest results show that concerns about its business model that saw a short-selling attack last year are misplaced.

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23 November 2020

Technicalities and realities – the battle over clin neg ATE premiums

A paying party in a clinical negligence case is seeking to argue that a Tomlin order is not a relevant “order for costs” and therefore the ATE premium is not payable. This should be given short shrift.

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