RTA Portal Co starts work on extension – but “no guarantees” it will be ready by April

Wallis: challenging landscape

Work to adapt the RTA portal for extension both vertically and horizontally has begun, the company that runs the technology revealed yesterday – but it said there are “no guarantees” that they will be completed in time for April 2013.

RTA Portal Co has instructed CRIF Decision Solutions Ltd as its technology partner to increase the capacity of the electronic claims system to deal with RTA claims worth up to £25,000, from the current £10,000.

CRIF will also assist with the development of the electronic claims gateway that will support the employers’ liability (EL) and public liability (PL) claims protocols that are currently out for consultation.

The company has always been clear that it needs the rules – that is, the protocols – before it can build the systems to implement them. In a statement, it said that while the protocols are being finalised, RTA Portal Co and CRIF are working on the necessary changes.

Tim Wallis, chairman of RTA Portal Co, said: “We expect the landscape ahead to be challenging. We continue to work closely with the Ministry of Justice and await the finalised detail of the protocols. We will continually assess the system requirements as more detail emerges over the coming weeks and months.

“We know that our user community is anxious about the timetable and ensuring they can develop their systems in time to support these changes. In the meantime we are going as far as we can to develop the system as part of the intention to implement this by April 2013 but there are no guarantees.”

Last week, one of the claimant representatives on the board of RTA Portal Co, David Bott, laid out the challenges of having the EL/PL portal ready in time for April.

As things stand, however, the government remains committed to April for implementation of both extensions of the portal.




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