Court of Appeal: Expert was not under “fiduciary duty” to client

The Court of Appeal has overturned the first decision in England and Wales to hold that an expert witness owed a fiduciary duty to their client – but did not rule out the possibility it could exist.

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Council provided “object lesson” in how not to respond to JR

The High Court has described how Birmingham City Council provided an “object lesson in how a public body should not respond to public law proceedings” in its mishandling of a housing judicial review.

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High Court grants girl anonymity in TikTok representative action

A High Court judge has granted anonymity to a 12-year-old girl, allowing the Children’s Commissioner, as her litigation friend, to bring a breach of privacy action against social media platform TikTok.

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Master orders deletion of screen shot from remote hearing

A screen shot taken of a remote hearing must be deleted by anyone who has it, a master has ordered under a change introduced by last year’s Coronavirus Act.

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CJC group urges “great care” in extending new portal to other PI claims

Any move to push non-whiplash small personal injury claims into the new Official Injury Claim portal should be taken with “great care”, a Civil Justice Council report has cautioned.

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Embargo-busting barrister was “refused permission” to seek advice on draft ruling

The barrister who broke the embargo on the Supreme Court’s Heathrow ruling warned the court that he would speak out if it failed to correct what he saw as a fatal flaw in its draft judgment.

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Covid-related PI claims “gaining momentum”, warns defendant firm

Claims for compensation after being infected with Covid-19 “appear to be gathering some momentum” amid a significant increase in claims farming activity, a leading defendant law firm has warned.

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Birss named deputy head of civil justice as Mulheron becomes honorary QC

Sir Colin Birss is to become deputy head of civil justice when he joins the Court of Appeal next year, as we round up some key appointments, including a leading academic becoming an honorary QC.

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17 December 2020

What do arbitrators know?

How does the Supreme Court’s analysis of ‘inside information’ in Halliburton align with other opportunities for unconscious bias, such as determinations on the admissibility of illegally obtained evidence?

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