Appeal court ruling to reopen “thousands” of flight delay claims

The Court of Appeal has opened the way for “thousands” of flight delay claims after ruling that a pilot’s sickness just before a flight took off was not a reason to refuse compensation.

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Remote hearing “did not stop witness admitting he had lied”

Holding a trial over the validity of a will remotely may have helped a witness admit that the contents of his affidavit were not true, the High Court has suggested.

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Time to take the ‘alternative’ out of ADR, says Master of the Rolls

The Master of the Rolls wants to “take the ‘alternative” out of ADR” and ensure it is integrated into every stage of the dispute resolution process, he said last week.

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MoJ set to increase 133 court fees in bid to raise up to £17m

The Ministry of Justice is set to increase by inflation 133 court fees that have not changed since 2016, raising up to £17m as a result. Only certain types of fees are included.

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Trial delays continue to lengthen across civil courts

Delays in cases going through the civil courts continue to spiral upwards, with delays in fast-and multi-track cases approaching 18 months and the small claims court set for more cases after the whiplash reforms.

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Court allows defendants to use statements disclosed by mistake

The High Court has granted permission to defendants to use the contents of four otherwise privileged witness statements which were disclosed by the claimants’ solicitors by mistake

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Judge criticises parties for electronic bundle failure

A judge has strongly criticised the unsatisfactory bundles prepared for a trial, stressing the “importance of discipline in the preparation of a readily navigable chronological trial bundle”.

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Buckland: No radical changes to JR but some reform needed

The government has issued a consultation on reforming judicial review, saying its aim is to “defend the judiciary from being drawn into political questions”.

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30 March 2021

Judicial review reform: A risk to the courts’ post-Brexit standing

In addition to questions about the motivations for curbing legal challenges to political decisions, the proposed reforms to judicial review raise concerns about undermining the reputation of the English courts

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