High Court refuses to admit in-house lawyer’s evidence mid-trial

The High Court has rejected an application to introduce a witness statement from an in-house lawyer after the trial had started and cross-examination of the claimants’ witnesses was almost over.

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International community “will see Halliburton ruling as protecting Bar”

The Supreme Court’s decision not to remove a QC from an arbitration will reinforce the international perception that members of the English Bar are being protected, it has been claimed.

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Supreme Court refuses to remove oil spill barrister over potential bias

The Supreme Court has rejected a bid to remove a QC appointed to arbitrate a dispute arising from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill because he failed to disclose later appointments in other cases.

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Computer says sue: Litigators “can no longer ignore role of tech”

Litigators have to wake up to the use of analytics and other technology in helping them provide better outcomes for clients, according to the partner who heads Herbert Smith Freehill’s decision analysis team.

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Australian collective action firm establishes London office

The fast-growing collective action market has become still larger with the launch of specialist Australian law firm Phi Finney McDonald in London.

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County Court Money Claims Centre issued judgment for £10.5m

The County Court Money Claims Centre issued a default judgment “without any judicial input” ordering a local authority to pay £10.5m, it has emerged. The High Court has now overturned it.

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Judge wrong to find ‘subject to contract’ compromise binding

A judge was wrong to rule that solicitors had reached a binding compromise on a piece of litigation, when their correspondence had expressly been ‘subject to contract’, the Court of Appeal has decided.

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‘Signed For 1st Class’ service is first-class post, CA rules

The Royal Mail service ‘Signed For 1st Class’ is first-class post or equivalent for the purposes of the deemed service provisions of the CPR, the Court of Appeal has ruled, overturning two earlier rulings.

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19 January 2021
Christian Smith

Pay as you go? Not quite

The Court of Appeal recently reaffirmed the statement of the general rule in the White Book that the costs of an application for an interim injunction will, absent any special factors, be reserved.

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