Burnett’s “regret” at court estate under-funding

The Lord Chief Justice has expressed his “regret” that the government has not provided the money to repair and maintain the court estate. He also highlighted the “acute” pressures on county courts.

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Tribunal judiciary “most diverse in Europe”

The tribunal judiciary is not only representative of the British population but “arguably the most diverse judiciary in Europe and perhaps beyond”, the Senior President of Tribunals has said.

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Claimant wanted to use draft ruling to extract settlement

A High Court judge has deprecated a claimant’s request for a third party to review a draft judgment so that it could have the chance to pay money to suppress publication.

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boundary fence

Call to prioritise ADR in boundary disputes

Neighbours involved in boundary disputes should be steered towards alternative dispute resolution, and cases that reach court must be closely controlled, the Civil Justice Council has said.

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Vos: Woolf reforms were “inadequately revolutionary”

The Woolf reforms were “inadequately revolutionary” and have left behind a civil litigation system which is “too expensive, too time-consuming and inadequately accessible”, the Chancellor of the High Court has said.

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Master urges APIL and FOIL to agree recordings protocol

A High Court master has urged the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and the Forum of Insurance Lawyers to agree a protocol to govern the recording of medico-legal examinations.

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Redacting solicitor’s comments to client was “cherry picking”

Redacting comments made by a company’s lawyer on a draft dismissal letter while disclosing other privileged documents was “impermissible cherry picking”, the Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled.

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Els de Wind

IBA: “Give computers legal personality so they can be sued”

Computers should be given legal personality so that they can be sued as a way to stop fear of liability stifling innovation, a report by the International Bar Association has suggested.

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