Supreme Court to rule on third-party access to court documents

The Supreme Court is to rule on the court’s powers – pursuant either to the CPR or its inherent jurisdiction – to permit third parties access to documents used in litigation.

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Litigation analysts name leading barrister and law firm

Litigation analytics have fast established themselves, a leading provider has claimed as it named the top law firm and barrister across the higher courts in England and Wales.

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Judge criticised for telling barrister to “get a life”

A judge who told a barrister to “get a life” has been criticised by a recorder who overturned his decision on appeal. He also said the credit hire company involved had not received a fair trial.

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Lady Justice Rafferty

Passive aggressive Rafferty urges advocates to keep it short

The chair of the Judicial College has urged advocates to be more concise to win judges over, complaining about grounds of appeal that are “too long, rambling, waffling [and] warbling”.

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No privilege for “purely commercial discussions” on settlement

“Purely commercial discussions” within a business about settling a dispute before litigation has begun are not protected by litigation privilege, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

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MoJ calls for evidence on new personal injury discount rate

The Ministry of Justice has issued a call for evidence on the new personal injury discount rate to be set under what will soon be the Civil Liability Act to meet the timescales set by the legislation.

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Court service call centres “improving justice”, says minister

Justice minister Lucy Frazer has defended the role of call centres in the justice system during the committee stage of the Courts and Tribunals (Judiciary and Functions of Staff) Bill.

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CJC bids to strengthen appeal of ADR short of compulsion

The Civil Justice Council has called for a ‘notice to mediate’ system used in Canada to be considered as the first step towards a more “automatic” system of alternative dispute resolution.

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