Supreme Court to rule on Google representative action

The Supreme Court is to review a Court of Appeal decision to allow a £3bn representative action against Google for misuse of private data to go ahead.

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NHS Resolution expands mediation panel

NHS Resolution has added one provider to its mediation panel following what it said was a “highly competitive retender” process that saw the existing three reappointed.

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Covid-19 being used to “stall” brain injury claims

Just over a quarter of defendants are using Covid-19 as an excuse to stall brain injury claims, despite guidelines urging the parties to take a consensual approach, research has suggested.

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Clin neg trial could be held remotely “as last resort”

A clinical negligence hearing is set to begin in person in the High Court today, although the judge ruled last week that it could be conducted remotely if there was no other option.

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Remote hearings are here to stay, CJC report suggests

Large law firms are willing to “reimagine what a Rolls-Royce services looks like in commercial litigation” as a result of Covid-19 as part of a long-term move in civil justice to more remote hearings.

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Record court delays for civil litigants

The time litigants have to wait to reach trial in civil claims reached record lengths even before the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic hit, new government figures have revealed.

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Top judges call for ADR “acceleration” in face of Covid-19

A group of senior former judges and legal academics has called for an acceleration in the take-up of ADR in the face of commercial contract disputes arising from Covid-19.

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“Hostile” judge harassed litigant in person, Supreme Court rules

A High Court judge “harassed and intimidated” a litigant in person in ways which “surely would never have occurred if the claimant had been represented”, the Supreme Court has ruled.

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21 September 2020

Why arbitration hasn’t worked for personal injury

I can’t say I’m surprised that PIcARBS looks to have run its course. While the lack of interest has been put down to lawyers not wanting to trial the service, market forces are decisive and the market is right.

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