Acasta Europe Ltd

Acasta Europe Ltd provides administrative services to Acasta European Insurance Company Ltd, an insurer founded in 2006 and active in 12 European countries across 9 classes of insurance. We are an active provider of legal expenses insurance in the UK being one of the most trusted and innovative ATE insurance providers in both Portal Personal Injury ATE and bespoke commercial, clinical negligence and insolvency cases. We have a core base of loyal partners that we work closely with to provide innovative solutions that enhance their businesses.

Our ATE product range covers a variety of cases. We offer Portal ATE insurance schemes on Personal Injury cases, which gives our partners the freedom to place clients on cover themselves. Additionally, we offer bespoke ATE on a range of cases, including Commercial, Clinical Negligence and Insolvency. Our specialist team of underwriters look at each case individually, therefore can offer tailored cover for a range of cases.

As well as our innovative ATE solutions, we are also well known for our:

  • exceptional customer service;
  • swift turnaround times;
  • competitive pricing;
  • flexibility around risks and ATE;
  • practical approach to find viable solutions to the needs of any given matter;
  • product innovation.

We also exclusively administer Sparkle Capital, a third-party litigation funding provider. As such, we are uniquely placed as a one-stop shop for ATE insurance and funding.

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