LEAP Legal Software

LEAP is a cloud-based practice management system developed for small to medium sized law firms which includes powerful features that allow litigators to manage matters more effectively from anywhere, anytime and from any device.

As the solution is cloud-based you eliminate the need for a server, reducing hardware and support costs, simplifying your IT infrastructure.

Leading the way in digital litigation, LEAP allows litigators to manage their matters, build evidence and present and prepare cases more efficiently.

This unique and powerful solution significantly reduces the time and resources required by fee-earners to manage the litigation process and present and deliver first-rate advice to the client.

LEAP simplifies the preparation of a justifiable costs budget, automates the task of completing Precedent H at all stages of a case and the subsequent Precedent S electronic bill of costs, avoiding unexpected problems and any subsequent claims for costs.

LEAP invest more than £8,000,000 a year into research and development aimed solely at refining the product. This investment in new technology ensures your law firm has access to the same technological advantages as large firms.

To see LEAP and discover all the benefits that it can bring to your law firm visit our website and book a free, no obligation demo today.

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