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BTE insurer warns of “serious and detrimental effect” of personal injury reforms

A before-the-event legal expenses insurer has warned of the “unintended and very serious detrimental effect” of the government’s personal injury reforms on the market. He said the planned increase in the small claims limit for RTA cases would “cast doubt” on the ability of the BTE industry to provide legal representation.

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Is BTE the answer to a higher small claims limit? Most certainly not

With the non-recoverability of after-the-event (ATE) insurance for the majority of personal injury claimants after 1 April 2013, the government was banking on an increase in before-the-event (BTE) insurance so that claimants would be on a level playing field in their battle with insurers. This is even more the case now that it is proposing to increase the small claims limit for road traffic-related personal injury (PI) claims from £1,000 to £5,000, with the government citing BTE as one way the impact of the change on claimants could be mitigated. But such insurance will simply become unaffordable to a great many.

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Insurers celebrate ruling on BTE non-panel rates

Legal expenses insurers have welcomed this week’s Court of Appeal ruling about the rates they have to pay non-panel firms. On Wednesday the Court of Appeal said before-the-event providers have to pay an “appropriate” rate to ensure policyholders have a meaningful freedom of choice of solicitor.

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BTE will not take up the slack from LASPO reforms, warns insurer

Government hopes that before-the-event legal expenses insurance will take up the slack left by legal aid cuts and the end of recoverability – and that its cost will fall – are wide of the mark, a leading insurer has warned.

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