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Brexit will have “beneficial effect” on arbitration, Lord Chief Justice predicts

There is a “strong case” that Brexit will have a “beneficial effect” on arbitration in England and Wales, the Lord Chief Justice has predicted. Lord Thomas said it was “quite wrong” to suggest that Brexit made the law of the UK uncertain, and argued that it “will have no effect on London’s key strengths”.

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Lord Chief Justice floats vision of joint international commercial courts

Cases could one day be heard before joint international commercial courts, involving tribunals made up of judges from each jurisdiction, according to an idea “thinking the unthinkable” floated by the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales. He has also set in motion the creation of a forum of commercial courts to bring a common approach to the resolution of international disputes.

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Late requests for paper CMCs “run the risk of sanctions”, High Court warns

Lawyers who make late requests for paper case management conferences (CMCs) without good reason “run the risk of sanctions”, the High Court has warned.

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