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High Court: law firm’s claims for unpaid fees were “largely dishonest”

The High Court has described a law firm’s claims for unpaid fees as “largely dishonest” and dismissed them as “wholly without merit”. However, Alpha Rocks, based in south London, hit back, saying the decision of Murray Rosen QC “grossly undermines equity and justice”. It intends to appeal.

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High Court: no “windfall” in allowing barrister to claim fast-track trial advocacy fee

Allowing a claimant’s barrister to recover a trial advocacy fee in a fast-track personal injury case, settled on the morning of the hearing, “hardly amounts to a windfall”, a High Court judge has said. There was no authority on whether the fee could be claimed where a case settled on the day of a trial, but before it had actually started.

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Health minister announces plan to cap medical negligence fees

Health minister Ben Gummer has announced plans to cap the fees charged by lawyers on medical negligence claims worth less than £100,000, saving the NHS up to £80m a year. He accused some lawyers of “unscrupulously” loading “grossly excessive costs” onto the NHS.

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Civil courts miss 100% costs recovery target

The civil courts have missed their 100% costs recovery target for 2014-15, it has emerged. As a whole, the civil courts recovered 92% of their expenditure in fees during the financial year 2014-15.

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Judicial College to train foreign judges – for a fee

The Judicial College, which trains UK judges, has said that it intends to “introduce a charging scheme for the delivery of international training”. The college said it wanted to expand its international training activities

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ABI calls for greater cut in fees for whiplash medical reports “to remove referral element”

The government’s proposed 10% cut in fixed fees for doctors’ medical reports on whiplash cases does not go far enough, the Association of British Insurers has said, while claimant groups says independence of the agency commissioning them is a red herring.

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Warning over self-regulation of litigation funders and conflicts risk posed by contingency fees

The introduction of self-regulation for third-party litigation funding may not be sustainable in the long term, a team of leading academics has warned. They also highlighted the risks that contingency fees pose.

May 19th, 2012 | Comments Off on Warning over self-regulation of litigation funders and conflicts risk posed by contingency fees