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Why small can be beautiful

Until recently, litigation finance enjoyed a public profile that would make Thomas Pynchon nod with approval. But acres of copy over the past couple of years has brought the industry into the limelight. The idea that funders are only interested in the largest claims, however, endures like the myth that Joseph Kennedy made his fortune bottlegging (he didn’t, he sold legal medical alcohol). Whilst the big-ticket cases will continue to attract the press coverage, it is the ability to finance smaller claims that shows litigation funding finally arriving as a mainstream option for claimants.

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Invicta Capital Funding

Invicta specialise in financing small to medium sized business to business litigation. We are unique in that we are run by lawyers with the needs of solicitors and their clients firmly at the forefront of everything we do. There are no lengthy application forms involved and any supplementary questions we ask will be sensible. When […]

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